March 17, 2017

I Declare..

I 'K Himaanshu Shuklaa', declare that I must master my life in every area. I will no longer settle for a life that is less than what I know I deserve. I have had enough experience to know one side of life, and now it’s My Time to Shine.

I will commit myself to enrich the quality of my life from what is now. I will persist under any circumstances which are going to empower me forever. I will not leave any task undone, relentlessly work to empower my life, and push beyond my known limits.

I am responsible for shaping my destiny, and entrust my ability. I understand the only way to real success is by having a great State of Mind, and I am ready to LIVE MY LIFE in the never ending cycle of self-growth and use the unlimited power within my being.

I am ready to attain a burning desire, compelling vision, and a passion for life that sits well above all else.

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