April 05, 2017

Rakhi Sawant was having watermelons, not evading Police

While a team of Punjab Police’s Ludhiana unit was said to have come to Mumbai to arrest her this week, Rakhi Sawant was gallivanting all over Mumbai suburbs with Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar. The police were reported to be looking for the firebrand actress for her alleged derogatory comments on sage Valmiki, who authored the Ramayana.

"Contrary to reports, Rakhi Sawant has not been on the run or in hiding. Nor has she been evading anyone. She has not received any summons or warrant, and she has not been arrested. She has contacted the Police, though that does not imply 'surrender;' as the media has conveniently misconstrued. If the Police calls her, she will present herself before them," said Dale.

"I was with her all day when the news broke out in the media. We did a photoshoot for a tabloid in the morning at Lokhandwala (suburb of Andheri). It was a concept where she was having watermelons on the streets, beating the Mumbai heat. She even interacted with people on the pavement and took selfies with fans," he informed.

"After that we continued to be in Andheri, meeting people and interacting with the media. She visited her gym. And all this, while Rakhi was dressed in bright shiny florescent green, making it impossible for people to miss her," added the Bollywood publicist.

Dale even posted pictures of Rakhi in florescent green on social media. "When we heard of the reports in the media, I asked her to check with the police station of her residential jurisdiction. But she said, they told her they were not aware of any arrest warrant."

After that, to be on the safe side, the public relations specialist took her to his advocate and requested to assist her with the matter. "She will also speak to the media soon," he said.

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