May 04, 2017

Mukul Dev thrown out of the flight..

Actor Mukul Dev, was escorted off a Jet Airways flight on Thursday morning after he airline staff found e-cigarette in his checked-in bag.

We heard, the actor was on his way to attend an awards function in Amritsar, and just before taking off, he was asked to come out from aircraft and open his checked-in bag. While he was doing it, the plane took off, which left him perplexed.

Mukul, who has acted in several serials, Bollywood and Telugu movies took to social networking site, Twitter, to express his disappointment. He wrote, "I was unceremoniously off loaded from a jet airways flight 5 mins before take off. There was an old dead e cigarette in my check in bag. The sad part is I was on my way to Amritsar to receive an award. Complete violation of air regulations."

When Mukul requested airline staff to behave appropriately, he was told that there's no humanity in security.

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