August 15, 2017

My heart literally break when I see National Flag in the trash: Jitendra Nokewal

Jitendra Nokewal, who is currently doing &TV’s ‘Vani Rani‘ loves to vlog whenever he gets the time. The dashing actor not only post updates related to his personal and professional life, but also leave no stone unturned to educate people through his vlog. On Independence Day of India he uploaded a video on his YouTube channel and requested his adherent viewers not to throw the national flag in the garbage after the Independence Day celebration.

"We enthusiastically buy national flags on 15th August. But what happens after the celebration? The torn, trampled flags are thrown in the dustbin or even in gutters. Every year I see this happen and it literally breaks my heart. When are we going to understand that our national flag is not just a piece of colored paper, it’s a symbol of national respect and pride?," Jitendra asks.

The actor further added, "In the world of social media, most of us only flaunt patriotism in the virtual world and forget to respect Tricolor in real life. Through my latest vlog, I requested the respected citizens of India that if they cannot treat the tricolor with respect and care, then they should not buy it."

Well, we completely agree with what the actor said. It's our social and moral responsibility to respect our National flag with utmost care and love.

Kudos Jitendra for raising such an important issue!

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