August 24, 2017

Ssumier Pasricha turns music director

Actor Ssumier Pasricha who has gained popularity as an online sensation Pammi aunty has gone musical. The 37-year-old actor has recently collaborated with an international DJ for an upcoming Punjabi project. Source close to the project says,"Ssumier would be composing music for this project along with Denny. Denny, who belongs to Australia been closely associated with Zee Music and currently working with Sony. As Ssumier has been trained in classical music for 13 years, he might sing in this project but nothing has been finalised yet."

Ssumier says, “Music has always been a passion in life apart from acting. It is an honour to be associated with Denny. I am sure this collaboration would do wonders for us. I am keeping my fingers crossed."

On the reason behind the collaboration International DJ Denny says,"We both have a common connection and that is Australia. I am from Australia and Ssumier has also spend a considerable time of his life in Australia. When you think of Punjabi just two things flash in your mind Ssumier Pasricha and Pammi Aunty. He is also very popular in my country. I am very excited and looking forward to make music with Ssumier."

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