September 02, 2017

Dancing keeps Namish Taneja fit and healthy..

Namish Taneja, who will soon be seen in Star Plus' upcoming show 'Ikyawann' says his first love 'dancing' keeps him fit. As he is shooting round the clock for Star Plus' upcoming show, he often struggles to get to the gym on a regular basis. So to keep himself fit he shake his leg when he give the gym a miss.

"After a rigorous shooting hours, it's not always possible to hit the gym. As dancing is my passion, so to stay fit I shake a leg whenever I can,"
said the good looking and talented actor wanted to become a choreographer but ended up becoming an actor.

'Swaragini' actor further added, "I believe it's one of the most entertaining way of body workout without the need of lifting hundreds of kilos. It not only help me to stay fit, but also revives me and is like stress buster."

B-boying is Namish's forte, and he believes it's super-cool way to burn calories. "If you love to be in shape, start learning b-boying, trust me you will have a great time doing it," says Namish.

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