June 03, 2018

The Fighter Banyan..

Last year I noticed a little Banyan plant grown in the wall of our window. My owner suggested to destroy it, as his roots could damage the concrete structure of the apartment. I completely removed it several times, in fact, once I used acid to kill the roots (may God forgive me for doing this), but this little banyan was a fighter, like a phoenix he used to reborn from the very ashes.

On one hand, I have seen people considering suicide because of small issues, but this banyan plant continued to fight for the life in spite of continuous abuses. Because of which I developed an immense love for this little devil.

This time instead of trying to kill the innocent fighter, I decided to give him a better life. For this, I have to shift this plant, which was quite difficult, since his roots have deeply & strongly clutched the wall.

But as they say, when you ask and believe, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. I somehow managed to uproot and shift the Banyan plant into a pot.

I am going to plant it my society garden area in this Monsoon, I am sure he will bloom and provide lots of oxygen, food and shelter to the birds and honeybees.

I am really grateful to this fighter Banyan, because he taught me to fight.

Fight! when there is no hope. Fight! when the chances of survival are bleak. Fight! till the last gasp.  Because the Universe never cease to amaze the fighters!

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa...

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