October 04, 2010

Bigg Boss-4 : Sad choice of contestants!!..

Bigg Boss 4 News

If you are criminal, dacoit or controversial its much easy for you to get to Big Boss!!..

A Chor being given a grand welcome!!..A lawyer show happily how he defended the hardcore criminals like A**h**e Kasab!!..Lady Dacoit proudly sharing how many people she killed!!..

Endemol is setting bad standards for society, Dunno why they are making stupid people stars!!..]

Are they telling young sensitive minds that ‘Badnami se bhi naam aur paisa kamaya ja sakta hai?’!!..


Whatever I still continue watching it :P b’cos of Sara & Shweta!!..Apart from Sara and Shweta I guess there are only two celebrities in BB house Manoj and ashmit!!..Rest are waste!!..

-K Himaanshu!!..


Anonymous said...


Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

I like Sameer soni too...

Anonymous said...

i like daku rahi

Moumita DG said...

Iss BIGBOSS k ghar me Chor, Daku Rani, Lawyer sab hai bass ghar k andar Ek Police wale ki kami hai agar woh bhi hote to "BIGBOSS 4----- THE JAIL" complete ho jata...

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