October 24, 2010

Raja, Shradha and Viveik Mishra...three wild card entries in Bigg Boss

There are rumours that there will be three wild card entries in Bigg Boss house. Viveik Mishra and Shradha Sharma along with Raja Chaudhary would be probably locked in Bigg Boss house. The House will get Hotter, Sexier and more Controversial from now on. This Diwali more Bombs and Blasts inside the house.

Here is the excerpts from free wheeling chat with Raja, Shradha and Viveik.

I would prefer Shweta to get intimated rather than Shraddha in Bigg Boss house- Raja

Raja is my love of life. I can remain happy remembering him throughout my life- Shradha

Manoj and Shweta are two faced people I hate them like anything- Viveik

If you enter in Bigg Boss then whom would you teach a lesson and why?
Viveik : Shweta and Manoj Tiwari, because they are the most diplomatic and double faced people. Shweta and Manoj jaise log is duniya me ho to logo ka insaniyat se bharosa uth jaayega.

Shradha : I will not go there to teach a lesson to anybody because you know life is too short to make anybody understand anything. I wil only go there for my fans and people who love me.

Raja : Ofcourse Shweta and Manoj, both of them are double faced.

How important is it to have controversial background to get entry in Bigg Boss house?
Viveik : It is not important to be a controversial person however you need to be a little known person publicly.

Shradha : That I don’t know you should ask this to casting team of Bigg Boss.

Raja : Don't know. There are come contestants who do not have controverial background. So I think its not important.

Who is your favorite contestant right now in Bigg Boss and why?
Viveik : Seema Parhar, because her neeti is”Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein Maange Sub Ki Khair
Na Kahu Say Dosti Na Kahu Say Bair” (laughs)

Raja : Shweta, because I know her very well how she is. She is showing fake side of Shweta in Bigg Boss very well.
If given an opportunity to be intimate in Bigg Boss jail, who would be that person?
Viveik : Malai marke Aanchal…because I like malai (laughs)

Shradha : Apni puri zindagi me mai Raja ke siwa kisi aur ke bare me soch hi nahi sati. I am one man woman(laughs). I am ok with his thoughts when he is not with me. I am happy in remembering him.

Raja : Shweta Tiwari offcouse( laughs)
Can we see you giving massage to a guy /gal in Bigg Boss?
Viveik : I don’t know about giving massage, but I would love to get massage done in Bigg Boss house. All house mates are welcome.

Shradha: Why not massage can be head massage or a thigh massage. I am ok in giving and taking massage.

Raja : I can not give massage because I don't know how to do that. I am reay to get massaged.

What after Bigg Boss?
Viveik : My upcoming movie projects.

Shradha : Want to do a good bollywood movie. There are some movies in pipeline.

Raja : A film called 'Sweet and Salty'

-K Himaanshu Shukla...


Abhilash Ruhela said...

great.. but there are so many spelling mistakes in this post .. correct them.. and in this interviews taken by you?

Anonymous said...

again a gr8 interview khimu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

shradha raja ne shweta ko choose kiya tum mere pass aa jaao

Malani said...

Looking forward for my SHAAYAD Hero to Win the House
and so for Raja and Shradha to be there till the End, of course!

Anonymous said...

raja ander gaya to shweta ki maa chod dega

Anonymous said...

these bloody ass holes are using you mr.shukla for publicity

Anonymous said...

shradha tum viveik ke saath rangreliyaan manalena jab raja shweta ki lega

Anonymous said...

Nice interview my friend.Please take interview of bhawna kaki, shravani, varshu and satish.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they are going?????

Anonymous said...

Interview is spicy good job Mr.Shukla

Anonymous said...

shradha mujhe massage dede

Anonymous said...

sharabhi raja ander bina daru ke rahega kaise

Anonymous said...

Stop Writing Immediately!no one wants to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

none of them in the house.....
its dolly bindra

Anonymous said...

himanshu sir please take interview of shravani of pavitra rishta.she is my favorite.

Anonymous said...
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