October 25, 2010

Sameer Soni, Khali and Sara Khan nomitanted!!...

Bigg Boss 4 News
This week nomination's are Sameer Soni and Sara Khan. Khali was already been nominated by Begum Ali.

If sources are to be believed Khali will be out this week.  He is more expensive compared to Sameer and Sara and that’s the reason why probably he will be eliminated. Sara is safe for next 3-4 weeks. May be voting lines will remain closed this week.

There has been a cold war happening between Manoj and Sameer as Manoj has been nominated as captian. The clever Bigg Boss has played played a game by apponting Sameer as his secret agent. He has given a  notepad and pen and is asked to note down all the things that happen against the rules in the house.

-K Himaanshu!!..


Anonymous said...

wow sara didi safe hai

Anonymous said...

True great khali has to be out.

Anonymous said...

hey bhagwaan sara didi fir se nominate hoo gayi
richa sharma

Anonymous said...

hey, I like Sameer Soni..he is good...

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