October 22, 2010

Shradha Sharma's Interview!!..

Shradha ki salah Shweta ko kisi ke sar se chat na cheene...

Tell us about your background? How did you start?
I started my career with Sahara One’s show ‘Suno Har Dil Kuch Kehta Hai’. Then I did ‘Saarthi’ for Star Plus. 
I did many stage shows and some movies including south Indian movie ‘Jiya’ and ‘Jai Ho’ 

As we all know Raja has a controversial history and you are also associated with Raja. What do you have to say on this?
Controversies never attract me. I believe in hard work. I want to be remembered because of my work not because of controversies.

It is said that Shweta Tiwari and Manoj Tiwari are dating, and Shweta is Raja’s ex.
I do not want to comment on Shweta and Manoj ji’s relationship.

Do you have anything to say to Shweta?
Divorce is very common these days. Its not a big deal for me that Shweta and Raja are divorced.
Being a woman Shweta should handle relations carefully. If you are in a relationship you should not hurt your partner by cheating.
Jab do log shaadi karke saath me rehte hai to chote mote jagde to hote hi rehte hai. Un jagdo ko hype karna theek baat nahi. Apne partner ko cheat karna fir achanak relation tood dena galat hai.

What kind of equation do you share with Shweta?
I respect her a lot. She is nice human being. But if I look from Raja’s point of view she is not kind hearted. Don’t know why she is not allowing Raja to meet their daughter Palak.
Raja was dying to meet her daughter on her birthday. It hurts when I see Raja crying for Palak.

Any thing else for Shweta?
Raja and Shweta jointly purchased two flats, a three BHK flat in Malad and another 1 BHK flat. She is staying in Malad’s 3BHK flat and not giving possision of 1 BHK flat to Raja.
Raja atleast deserves that smaller 1BHK flat. I just wanted to say kamse kam Raja ke sar se chat to na cheene. She should give 1BHK flat to Raja.

You did loyalty test on Raja, that was a publicity stunt or you did that for money or you actually want to test whether Raja is loyal to you or not?
At that time I was busy doing a show with Mika. I received a call from my friend she convienced me to do that. It just happened. I forgot that incident and forgave Raja and moved ahead.

Raja got 2 lakh for doing Emotiona Atyachaar?
(laughs) Kya baat kar rahe ho? Is it so?

If rumors are to be believed you are also supposed to be in Bigg Boss house. What went wrong? Is Shweta responsible for that?
I don’t know what went wrong. I hate such type of politics.

What kind of tactics will you use in Bigg Boss to win? Will you also shed crocodile tears like Sakshi, Sara and Ashmit?
I am not a cry baby. I don’t play mind games. I am straight forward person and I think this would help me to win Bigg Boss.

What kind of girl Shradha is?
I am straight forward and simple girl. I believe in honesty. I am very positive person. I am little bit lazy. I like to dance.

Any message you want to convey to people?
Divorce is very personal matter, media should not hype it. They do not have rights to interfer in someone's personal life.
Raja is not a bad person he is little aggressive.

-K Himaanshu Shukla!!...


Anonymous said...

gud job khimu

Kaaya Thapliyal said...

kya baat kya baat kya baat

Anonymous said...

shesss hottttt

Anonymous said...

she is biiiiiiiiitch

viveik mishra said...

Shardha is a wonderful girl nd a talented actor...she is soon making her debut in bollywood...m really happy for her as she is a v close frnd nd a genuine girl

Anonymous said...

she looks good..well done khimu...

Anonymous said...

she is too hot to handle

Vije Sharma said...

Thats gr8 bro....wish u gud luck....nice interview....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shweta is a bitch.she earlier used to show bad picture abt raja to people.i want shradha not 2 get offend by her behavior.

Anonymous said...

wtf raja got 2lakhs for EA mai to soch rahi thi EA reality hai

Anonymous said...

Stop Writing Immediately!no one wants to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

himanshu sir please take interview of shravani of pavitra rishta.she is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

pls himanshu take interview of gautam rode pls pls pls

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