November 15, 2010

Ali Merchant's Interview

'Sara is khuddar girl, she was giving me rent for Kandivali flat in which she stayed for 3 years' : Ali Merchant
Ali Merchant, is blamed of getting married to Sara Khan a second time for 50 lakhs. In an interview with me, he breaks his silence and offers his defence.

Why you entered in Bigg Boss?
There were two reasons why I entered in the show. First, I wanted to clear Sara’s image as I was getting hate emails for Sara.

Second, Sara had clearly told Salman that after Bigg Boss is over, we would get married. When she tore off my pictures, I did get stressed and felt she was upset with me for something.

How’s life after Bigg Boss?
Changed a lot, I am married man now I have too much responsibility and not enough freedom (smiles). We thought people would be happy and support our marriage, but lots of people are taking us wrong. We become victim now, hope they will understand and support us.

I am upset about all that has happened. I was traumatized when I came out. But if I keep these allegations aside, then it was all beautiful, it was a lovely arrangement made by the channel.

Why did you get married on national TV?
We wanted to get married soon. It was obvious that we would call media to cover our marriage for our fans and friends. Bigg Boss provided us good platform for the same. It happened so quickly, we just went with the flow and maybe audiences are reacting because things happened very fast. But lots of people are also very happy for us, who have always liked us as a couple. It was private affair inside Bigg Boss house which became public outside.

You were getting hate emails before entering in Bigg Boss. What type of emails you are getting now?
Yes I was getting hate emails before entering in Bigg Boss. I didn’t get much time to check all my emails after coming out, but I checked a few and I am happy to see some appreciation emails. My fans are happy to know that I supported my love.

How you are handling so much of criticism?
I am handling it with lot of honesty. I feel upset and angry about what was said about us, but then I take a moment to relax and I think it is helpful to be realistic about the situation. I prefer facing reality.

Any message you want to convey to Sara’a fans?
See her positive aspect, she is a genuine girl. When she was just 16 she started earning and taking care of her sister and family. She is very khuddar type of girl; she was giving me rent for Kandivali flat in which she stayed for 3 years. She loves to have fun and I guess that’s why people misunderstood that she was flirting with Ashmit.

Do you want Sara to win Bigg Boss?
Yes of course.

Sara, you and Ashmit had a dinner meeting before entering in Bigg Boss? Was everything preplanned?
Ask someone to get me those pictures and I'll give them 50 lakhs

If given an opportunity to do a reality show ‘Pati, Ptni Aur Woh-2’ with Sara, would you say yes?
Yes of course, because I will get opportunity to spend quality time with my love Sara.

Where would you like to spend 50 lakhs which you have got for marrying on National TV?
I didn’t get money. Sara and I have been working since four years and we would never do something like this for money.

If not for money, then did you do it for publicity?
Not at all... why would I?

Sara's grandmother passed away just 25 days ago and she was not even informed, and you guys got married in Bigg Boss. Isn’t it shameful?
I had told the Endemol people to inform Sara, they had a conversation with her family, who said it was okay not to inform her since she was in the house. I couldn't tell her after I entered in house because as per rules we are not supposed to talk about the outside world.

You were married two years back? Sara's parents too admitted that you got married two years ago.
If I was married two years back, it should have come out then. Why now? Sara’s parents were scared that’s why they said so.

Those pictures which were shown were engagement pictures, ‘Nikah me ladka ladki saath nahi baithte’. Kazi was there to give his blessings and for duaye & nazarana. We had done a Shigaah, a Shia custom that allowed them to stay under the same roof.

Nikah is valid only after court registration. We have not yet registered our marriage.

Sara has given me rent for 3 years because she was staying in my flat since 2007. I can give you legal agreement papers. If she was my wife then why would I take rent from her?

Sara's mamu, who has always supported her, wouldn't have been present at our wedding if there was any truth to the allegations.

Why there's a huge rift between you and Sara's family?
The rift is from their side. I have people asking me if I'm going to sue them for talking about a marriage that didn't happen, but I'm not that kind of a guy. I'd rather leave it.

One thing I can assure you is that once Sara gets to know all this, she is 100 per cent going to break relations with them. Her parents are not concerned about her, but only about money. Her mother called up mamu to ask me to send some money. That's something Sara has been doing as her responsibility since last 3-4 years.

Who is your favourite Bigg Boss inmate except Sara?
Ashmit, he is a genuine guy, disciplined, matured, pampers everybody. He and Sara have a pure brother-sister relationship in the house.

Dolly Bindra wasn't interested in your wedding.

Dolly speaks loudly and uses bad language to remain center of attraction. She is creating lot of noise pollution. Thota chana baje ghana (hollow lentil makes more noise). That applies to her.

Reality shows are scripted?
Don't know about others, Bigg Boss is Zero percent scripted.

Is Bollywood on the cards?
Definitely, I have couple offers in my hands. I singed a movie ‘Hyderabadi Damad’. But as of now I just want to focus on my television career.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...


Anonymous said...

Ali you are a loser.

Anonymous said...

i love ali merchant,he is a superb actor i am soooooooooo jealous of sara khan

Tiya said...
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Tiya said...

Dont you think this interview is so long, anyways nice interview. As expected ali gave a very diplomatic answer.

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Hyderabadi C grade movie for A grade loser

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sara is a genuine girl what a joke ali

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It's time to switch the channel, bye bye Bigg Boss.

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Nice answers,Ali!

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Jhoota hi sahi..hahaha..

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Ali and Sara... totally fake... paise ke liye yeh log kuch bhi karenge...

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Great. All the best to ali n sara.

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i request u all to save sara:- send SAR to 56882

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Kaaya Thapliyal said...

as expected diplomatic answers

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Ali- Sara r so fake ppl.

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