November 14, 2010

Sakshi Pradhan's Interview!..

Sakshi Pradhan, Splitsvilla 2 winner, who got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house sometime back has been in the news for controversial reasons. She gave an exclusive interview to me. Check out what she said..

Who do you think would be a winner in Bigg Boss?
Can’t answer. But I think Sameer has a very good chance of winning the title, he is intelligent, tactful and diplomatic.

Whom do think is not fake in Bigg Boss?
Ashmit is not fake, he is very nice guy. Sara has a poker face.

Would you say yes if given an opportunity to enter in Bigg Boss house as wild card entrant? If yes then whom would you teach a lesson?
Depends on the conditions then.  If I enter again I would just like to spend healthy time with inmates, and not to teach any lesson to anybody. I am bit upset seeing the catfights inside the house.

Which was the real Sakshi Pradhan, Bold, sensuous and sexy in Splitsvilla or Cry Baby in Bigg Boss?
(smiles) I am actually a cry baby. I am very sensitive. I hate crying and being so emotional, but I can't stop the tears.

What do you want to say on Sara-Ali’s REEL life wedding?
Nothing. I just want to congratulate them.

Are you still in touch with co-winner Siddharth Bhardwaj of Splitsvilla?
Yes, we are good friends. Siddharth is a nice guy we share healthy relationship. We greet each other normally whenever we meet. We used to go out for a cup of coffee. 

Splitsvilla or Bigg Boss, What was more difficult for you?
Nothing was difficult for me. Splitsvilla was all about youngsters and the youth watched it more but, Bigg Boss has viewers of all ages. Both reality shows provided me a big platform to me.

If given an opportunity would you do a Swayamwar like Rakhi and Rahul?
No never. I believe marriage is a private affair. I don’t want to marry on national television like Rakhi, Rahul and Sara-Ali. I am not at all interested in gaining such cheap publicity like Ali & Sara.  I strongly wish that only my friends and family members should be present on such a big day of my life.

Tell us something about your upcoming untitled Telefilm?
That short film is yet to be title, it is based on true story of some youngsters who were arrested by the police for partying near Pune highway. I am playing the lead character. Our aim by making this film is to help the teenagers to     understand the critical side of drugs. 

Have you ever proposed to a boy? 
Never. I can’t do that. It kills my ego. But I can make a guy fall for me(laughs).

There are so many fake profiles of Sakshi Pradhan on Facebook. Any issues?
Don’t know why people are using my name. I don’t have any issue if someone creates my fake profiles on networking sites as long as they are not misusing my name.

What kind of people do you like staying away from?
I hate fake people, who are black by heart. I like to stay away from those whom I get negative vibes from.

Does it become difficult for you to go out in public?
Log pehchanane lage hai. People come and say Sakshi you look better, they talk to me, appreciate my work. It feels good and I too enjoy it. Although sometimes I need privacy.

Are you looking forward to more reality shows?
No not at all. I do not plan to do any more reality shows. I did Bigg Boss because it is a big show. Had it been any other reality show I wouldn't have done it.

If given an opportunity in Bollywood, what kind of roles would you like to enact?
Yes offcourse. I am open for anykind of role. I am born actor.

-K Himaanshu!..


Anonymous said...

kab mila sakshi se????

Anonymous said...

Sakshi is 2nd Rakhi Sawant.

Anonymous said...

Sakshi Pradhan had pre-planned pregnancy stunt on Bigg Boss.

Aakash Sharma

Anonymous said...

Naqab pe naqab..pls dont think ppl r fools around..publicity ke kuch bhi karega be it any1 !!

Anonymous said...

Sakshi Pradhan please go to hell

Anonymous said...

Nice interview khimu, Sakshi replied very well. She rocks u know.

Sachin P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

randi kitno se chudi........chud ka bhosda ban gay hain tera

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