November 17, 2010

My mom said, I looked like the Vodafone Pug: Samarth Shandilya

Samarth Shandilya, is an aspiring actor who did several concept shoots for some big brands like HT Brunch, LG, SPYKAR Jeans, Levis etc, along TVC's for Center Fresh & MTNL 3G-Jadoo. He was a part of some reality shows like 'Dare 2 Date' with John Abraham and 'Kidnap' for Channel-V.

He takes about his journey so far, his experience in media, here are the excerpts from his interview :

How would you describe your journey till date?
I have just started off, I am still packing my bags & asking for the routes for my journey to begin. People around me are very humble, warm and supportive. Its because of this  support that I push myself every single day to deliver for their expectations.

As we all know Casting Couch exists, not only the girls guys were also approached. What do you say?
Yes it is there, but let me tell u it’s just on the lowest levels of the industry. Frankly these people are of no use, one should understand that, if someone is seeing beyond your talent and is asking for such things, he/she is not the part of the most talented and successful bunch of people from the industry .
People, Production houses that i have worked with never ever gave me any such hint about casting couches or compromising. But sadly, yes it does exist.

You did modelling for Levis, Spykar, LG, SAMSUNG,TATA DOCOMO, etc. With due respect to all the models, do you think ‘models can’t act’?
I am from Delhi, I did a lot of theatre in school. I remember taking part in an inter school festival, where I won the 1st prize for an MIN AD competition, it’s from there that the scouts from ‘National School Of Drama’ picked me up for their special workshops, and  that’s when I got to know that no  one can learn how to act, it’s all natural. You can polish your acting skills in acting schools but no one can teach you from scratch.
I am not a model, I have not done ramps. All the commercial print shoots and magazines that I have shot for in Delhi is just because Delhi is the fashion capital, all the major print ads and work is here . I don’t know about models knowing how to act, but yeah, John(Abraham) bhaiya, my very dear friend now, can do modelling and act.

How important it is to show the skin in front of camera? 
We Indians are very shy and emotional I like it that way. Going to watch a film is still a family day out for us. Our films are like a little cabaret of variety, because we want to get it related to a 9year old kid and a 90 yr old lady in the same hall. So we have everything. Now there is a lots of kissing stuff happening in a films, but I will stick to the universal answer for this question which is, that it totally depends on the script  and you payment(hahaha). And as Neha dhupia once said, ‘Only Sex and SRK sells in bollywood, I would personally keep the skin show part for all the ladies, but I am little bit shy.

Tell us a few things that you hate about television industry and why? 
It is very monotonous, same sets, same scripts. It’s like an actual 9-5 job.

A majority of MTV faces are currently hosting a series of shows on the channel. Can we look forward to seeing you hosting some show?
Lots of people say that I should, because I guess they know I am very spontaneous and random. I am not at all camera shy & I love meeting new people.

The worst feedback anyone has ever given you? 
Well actually when my mom saw me on TV for the 1st time, she said I looked like the Vodafone Pug(smiles).

What kind of a girl are you looking forward to?
I am a mamma’s boy, She has to be just like her, amazingly beautiful, talented and intellectual. 

Are you dating anyone at present? 
Nope I am very much single. 

What are your future plans? 
This industry is very random, you never know what is in next for you. All i know is I am doing what I like the most and I am loving it. Let’s see what the future holds for me.

-K Himaanshu Shukla!..


Anonymous said...

Vodafone Pug :) take it as complement......

Anonymous said...

Nice questions himaanshu bhai, ab John ka bhi interview le daal . Good going .

Rakesh Kashyab

Kaaya Thapliyal said...

casting couch exists and gals r much more safer than guys. nice interview himaanshu .

Shaibalik Pal said...

supa natural .. and supa awesome !! great work ..

Akanksha said...

really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

viveik mishra said...

awesm himanshu... md samrth u rck my bro.....muaahhh...u will outshine everyone...

Anonymous said...

sammm is a ROCKSTR!!!! cheers!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Eagerly waiting for new star to rock gud luck sam

Yamini said...

Excellent Hun xxxxx <3

Varun said...

nice interview bro...All the Best !!

Unmesh said...

Simply Cool and Truly from bottom of heart frank answers & opinions...gr8!! God Bless U Samarth!!

Bharat Lalwani said...

i knw m gonna c u on big screen sooner bro.. u hav dat in u...all d best sam... Rock on.. :)

Raghu raj said...

Bhai alwayz does magic...i know il c u doing smething big soon...;) cheers bro..

Dimpesh said...

naaice!!!good to c u progressing!!! success and victory to you!!!

Anonymous said...

all the best samarth

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