February 24, 2011

'Jab I Met Juhi' : Aman Sapra

It’s like a dream come true for Aman Sapra, when he got opportunity to meet Juhi Chawla, his inspirational quotient. Most of the youngster’s heart beats for Katrina, Kareena, Deepika, but Aman is in mad over vivacious Juhi Chawla’s. He is dentist by profession and is infected by Juhi’s virus from his childhood.

He has been collecting all her pictures, clippings from newspaper and magazines featuring Juhi for about 20 years.  On 9th January, 2011 he flew down from Delhi to Mumbai to meet the actress with two picture albums, weighing eight kilograms each.  

He got this golden opportunity to meet her through Onir, his Facebook friend.

When I contacted Dr. Aman and asked him to share his experience, he replied with excitement “The appointment was at, 5 pm…on the 9th of January..2011. 

My heart was sinking, someone I admired all my life for her charm, someone I always inaccessible, some who inspired me to smile always. I was going to meet Juhi, my Juhi Chawla.  

I was palpitating and I remember, I have never smiled so much, and then I saw her walking towards me, with a smile. Then I do not even remember I ever blinked, after I saw her. She was, so humble.  

I made two albums which had all her pictures, interviews and any kind of media coverage, that was possible, I pasted it and presented it to her..She was courteous, gracious to see it all page after page, it took her one and half hour, she never got impatient.   

She smiled as she turned each page, generous to ask, for tea and snacks, she was like a family friend, I have known for years, such was her charm.  

Super stardom and yet so humble, it’s almost unbelievable. Success, fame she has it all, but what overpowers her is her being grounded.  Not for a single fraction of second she made me feel that she was a star. In fact, she made me feel like a star, she signed my book, with wishes which will, stay with me for life, a life, a part of which is Juhi.  

She made me smile, it’s been a month since I met her, I still smile and, I cannot forget the evening when a dream came true

I tried to contact Juhi but she remained unavailable to comment.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

lucky guy

aman said...

yes , lucky and,,,,blessed by god

Anonymous said...

Touchwood..really ur a lucky guy..Stay Blessed Aman..!

Kaaya Thapliyal said...

juhi looks so stunning, aman sapra ur lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

wow :) juhi is awsome :) :)

AMAN said...

well , yes kaaya,,,,,,,,,


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