June 02, 2011

'I have to sacrifice a lot to enter into the skin of Rohan' : Rajat Barmecha

Rajat Barmecha, a new bee in show biz town has won multiple awards for his spectacular performance in his debut “Udaan”. After completing his12th, he wanted to do hotel management, but then he came down to Mumbai to join his cousin’s business of jewelry designing. He left jewelry designing and opted for modeling & fortunately got a call for audition for Udaan.

I was unaware how this industry works; also I didn’t have any training in acting. Vikarm(Vikramaditya Motwani) arranged acting workshop for me before starting the shooting. The workshops made me comfortable with my character. It was a great experience working with Vikram and Anurag Kashyap. Vikram told me that they wanted me to be natural. I felt nervous before shooting my first scene with Ronit Da(Ronit roy). I was actually scared & was thinking that what will happen if I give a retake? How will he react? But to my surprise, I found him very cool and supportive. Before that shot he approached me and introduced himself, he helped me a lot”.

Actor admits that he has to sacrifice a lot to enter into the skin of Rohan, “During our 42 days of shooting schedule, I was not allowed to meet anyone. They made me to sit alone inside a room; I wasn’t allowed to watch television, they even had taken my cell phone. I was allowed to use my cell phone for just 15-20 minutes per day. I am not a morning person, but they use to wake me up at 6am for jogging. I hate reading books & they gave me so many books to read which are still there with me.Vikram made me watch some excellent movies based on Young Rebel like 8 miles, Sweet sixteen, Billy Elliot etc.

Initially I felt angry, but then got used to it. All this helped me a lot to enter into Rohan’s mindscape. Though it was very tough, but it was worth.”

A lot of youngsters come down to Mumbai to become a star, but most of them vanish in this commotion.Rajat has just one message for the youth “When I decided to pursue my career as an actor, a lot of my friends and relatives said you don’t have any background or a God father in industry. But I had decided that I have to prove myself as an actor. It was very difficult to survive here as cut- throat competition is there. But if you are passionate and ready to work hard, it always pays off. I just want to tell all the youngsters that they should come and try if they want to become an actor, but at the same time they should have their background option ready."

The actor also lifted the mask off the casting couch, “Most of the industry people say that there is no such thing like casting couch but I will not wholly refuse that the casting couch exists in Bollywood. There are few bad people who force you to do such things. Showbiz industry has approximately 80% good people. When I was struggling before Udaan, I came across a lot of casting agents and wannabe directors who do it. One of the directors called me up and asked me to meet him alone at Versova beach as no one turns up there. When I realized he is more interested in me than my acting skills, I said 'NO' to him and walked off.”

Rajat walked on the red carpet of Cannes for his debut film & has now decided to go evil. He will be seen in a negative role in Anurag Kashyab’s next film “Shaitaan”. “It’s a 2-3 minute cameo role, I enjoyed playing negative character. I am a newcomer and I love to do films of all genres.” he quips while winding up the interview.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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