September 28, 2011

Patch-up time for Raja and Santosh

Raja Chaudhary is well known as trouble maker as he always creates havoc and troubles for its co-stars. He has been caught in a number of brawls, may be he loves to remain in limelight for all the wrong reasons.

He is currently seen on Sahara One's ‘Kahani Chandrakanta Ki’ as Bhavani Singh. As reported earlier he had a major fight with Santosh Shukla, which made the entire unit and cast uncomfortable. Santosh plays the character of Virendra Singh and is lead actor of the show.

Raja and Santosh have not got along well from last few days because they have problems in sharing the same makeup room. The duos have had few hit and misses scenes, but have not come face to face till now in the show.

Santosh was getting his makeup done and had to step out to answer an urgent call. On returning, he found Raja sitting in his place for makeup. As Santosh's scene was before his, he requested Raja to get ready later. To which Raja exploded on him and as a result the argument turned physical.

As per the sources, “From last couple of months Raja and Santosh did not share a very pleasant relationship off screen, though they were great friends once upon a precious time and used to party frequently after the shoots. But misunderstandings started mounting up, followed by violent argument.

Sunil Agnihotri (producer and director of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki) made efforts to mend bridges between them, now it is heard that all is well between the actors. The duo even dined together at Sunil Agnihotri flat recently.

When contacted Santosh about the incident, he stated, "Yes we had a fight in makeup room but I don't think it is a big deal. Raja bhai is like my elder brother. One of the reporter misquoted my statement and had written there is always a cold war between Raja and me.  It's entirely wrong, sometimes we fight with our friends and family members and at times we scream at each other. So for me it’s ok.”

Raja said, “That issue is sorted out so I don’t want to talk on this anymore. Santosh is more than a co-star. We are like buddies and occasionally buddies can fight with each other?  I believe these fights made our bond more strong.

Sunil Agnihotri was unavailable for comment.

Well I guess consciously or unconsciously, this is another round of publicity.

Be Blessed..
-K Himaanshu Shukla

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