November 21, 2011

"It is better to keep quiet and let the rumor die": Tina Dutta

[Article for one of the Magazine]

The dream to become an actress was not in her eyes. She always wanted to opt airhostess as a full-fledged career prospect because she would love to travel all the time. Destiny has other plans in store for her, she entered in the glamour world. She worked thoroughly towards her new goal and has carved a niche for herself in the Telly world.  Bubbly actress Tina Dutta, who hails from Calcutta, is currently playing the role of innocent Ichcha, in Uttaran, a daily soap on Colors.

Tina was tagged as Tantrum queen and media reported that she always give a tough time to the unit members on the sets of Uttaran and behaves rudely with everyone, “I don’t know why I got this title of Tantrum Queen, when I fight for my rights people say I am throwing tantrums. When my costume is not ready on time, accessories or jewellery are not good, I shall complain. We had to stand up and fight. and when I demand the things that I deserve they people call me tantrum queen. I don’t care about the world when I am right, whenever I feel something is wrong I speak out. I am straightforward girl, that’s why I am considered harsh. I don’t talk behind people’s back I say on their face the things I don't like about them. I am truthful maybe that’s why I am known as tantrum queen.”

She does feel proud if media writes good things about her but don’t like it when media interfere in her personal life.  She criticized the reporter who crafted the news about her marriage, “I don’t like when media scrutinize my personal life. I get affected both professionally and personally when I am hit by baseless rumors. One of the news declared that I did gandharva vivaah (secret marriage) in a mandir. Some foolish journalists are still writing that I am in a relationship. Please, for God's Sake leave me alone, and  stop writing fake news about me. I hale from a middle class Bengali family, my relatives has to face lot of problems due to these silly rumors. Sometimes I get angry but then I think I am not the only one, every super star is surrounded with bad rumors. Its part and parcel of the peculiar glamour world.

The world is full of those people who will try to let you down by spreading such rumors. These types of baseless rumors leave me wondering how to respond. I prefer to maintain dignity and retort with silence. ‘Never win someone with argument but defeat them with your silence’, I’ve read that somewhere. It is better to keep quiet and let the rumor die.”

When asked you have said it yourself that you fight for your rights and then that you are silence philosophy follower, isn’t it contradicting? “The best way to stop rumors is to avoid them. I don't give the rumor spreaders the pleasure of breaking down and losing my cool. I simply ignore them, soon they will become tired of talking about me since they're not getting a rise out of me.  If I start giving importance to rumors, people may think that I am at fault. Silence is the best way to communicate in phase of situations where words are never needed to settle down circumstances,” signs off Tina.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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  1. i hate her saali joothi

  2. In one of the interview she said "People should understand that ***I am not that big a star*** that I am beyond any rumour or controversy. I work in a daily soap, and if the show stops tomorrow then I have to go back home and live in Kolkata." In this interview she said **every super star is surrounded with bad rumors**

    She is liar fickel minded girl

  3. what a useless n boring actress she is....her pics with Mahesh is available at all sites n she is still lying n trying to act Bechari d same way she does in

  4. seems like some people have no other job than bad mouthing n hating Tina.


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