January 10, 2012

I wish someone gift me an iphone on my Birthday: Drashti Dhami

Today, beautiful and the vivacious Drashti Dhami turns 27, but she has no special plans to bring in her birthday. I called her on the phone late last night to know about her birthday plans, she was in kitchen at that time.

Excerpts from her  short interview:

It’s nearly midnight, which means it's almost your birthday. What are you doing now?
I am bouncing in my kitchen right now, cooking something delicious for my guests.

Can you tell us a bit about your surroundings?
(laughs) I'm surrounded by yummy food, bartans and groceries.

Any birthday plans?
I do not plan my birthdays, kisi ne kuch secretly plan kiya hoga toh I don’t know.  I will celebrate it with my friends and family, cake to katega zaroor(laughs) that’s what I have planned.

One particular thing that you religiously follow on your Birthday?
Every year I go out for lunch with my massi’s and my family. It’s a tradition that I am following from last so many years.

One person whom you want to meet on your birthday?
It's difficult to answer; actually I want to meet all my friends and relatives. But yes I am looking forward to meet my dada and dadi and take their aashirwaad.

One secret desire that you want to get fulfilled on this birthday?
It's a secret so I don't want to reveal it, secret hai secret hii rehne do (laughs)

What all gifts are you expecting on your birthday?
Currently I am using a Blackberry but I want an iphone. I wish someone gift me an iphone on my Birthday. 'Is anybody listening?'(she whispered)

One song that describes your current state of mind?
Aal izz well..’ from 3 Idiots.

Can I ask you questions on Geet Hui Sabse Parayi?
(laughs) I know what you want to ask. I am pretty sure that you will ask me about season two of Geet, hai na?

You are so intelligent..
I don't think Geet will come back with second season. Frankly speaking I don’t have any idea about it.

How did acting happen to you?
Out of curiosity, I went to the mall where my friend audition was scheduled. The people there said anyone is free to give auditions, I gave the audition and fortunately I got selected for print ad of Scooty. After that I did so many ads and music video and then ‘Dill Mill Gayye’ happened.

What If Drashti Dhami was not an actor?
If not an actor then I would be a dancer as I love dancing.  And if not a dancer, then I would definitely be a stylist.

The last line of your autobiography would read?
..and at last she lived happily ever after.

Scrutiny wish a marvelous & blessed birthday to Charming Drashti. Wish you all the happiness in the world and a great year ahead.

Guyss leave her your birthday messages in the comments section below.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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  1. thanks a lot for the interview.

  2. thank u soooooooooooooo much u kept your promise.. appreciate that..Sweta

  3. thank u sir ji

    happy birthday dd

  4. Thanx a lot for the interview
    Happy Birthday Drashti

  5. Thanx a bunch for the interview.. love u DD.. =)

  6. Thank u for the interview. Happy Birthday Princess. May God fill ur life with Happiness,Peace and Prosperity.

  7. Thank you so much for the intrw

  8. Thank u so much for the interview

  9. Happy Birthday Dhrashti , ....Please Please ...
    Come Back with Any Show , but with Gurmeet ....

    U guys have the magic to turn any show to a hit ..

    May god bless u with happiness ,beauty and wealth

  10. Happy B'day DD...missing u a lot....waiting for ur return onscreen with Gurmeet...Hope it happens soooooooon....

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEAUTIFUL & CHARMING PRINCESS DRASHTI! We know, that you'll be back soon.Even if, we don't keep repeatedly requesting for it.But nothing in the world could be compared to a comeback with Gurmeet.That's a fact.I hope you make your comeback in a show together with Gurmeet & I know the others wish the same too.GEET,is a show that gave me so much in life.I would love to see it back on air.It never received the justice it deserved.Sometimes, its very disappointing to know that the officials who could have actually saved the show, didnt work towards its existance.Miss you guys tons!
    P.S Thanks a lot for the interview Scrutiny!
    xx James xx

  12. Happy Birthday DD !!!!!

    Lovely intervie, thanks

  13. Thanks a lot for the interview. Drashti,Best wishes for ur birthday n waiting for ur next project with Gurmeet.

  14. Happy Birthday Drashti...love your positive & honest attitude....wish your all dreams come true...love u !!!!

  15. wish u very happy b'day angel........ your smile is very precious so always wear that....... love u take care......... vanshi

  16. wonderful interview. thanks a lot for d interview. wishing drashti a very very happy bday. may all her dreams come true n she has a wonderful year ahead. hope she achieves greater heights of success.

  17. Happy Birthday princess... wish u everything jst perfect in life...

  18. thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much himanshu for such a lovely interview......

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRASHTI.....may your all wishes come true......n i hope sumbody will gift u an iphone ;)

    loove you baby soo much....have a blast on your b'day....come back sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon,missing u badly!!!!!

  19. Thanks for the interview Himanshu. A very Happy Birthday to Drashti, May God Bless you. :))

  20. happy birthday dd.plz can any one send me dd mobile no to my id vani92k@gmail.com

  21. oh wow lovely interview!! Thank you Himaanshu.. :)

    Wishing a Day filled with lots of pleasant surprises!Happy B'day DD.. God Bless!

  22. Many Many Happy returns of the day,Drashti.Love you,God bless you with everything you want,plz want to see you again with Gurmeet,come back soon.

  23. wish u many many happy returns of the day may god bless u my princess drasti and thank u for her interview

  24. wish u a very happy bday angel.....may god fulfill all ur wishes.....njoy!!!

  25. wish you a very happy birthday DD.

    lovvvvvvvvvvve you loaaads dear.

  26. Nice interview.

    Happy birthday Dhrasti. may God fulfill all your wishes.

  27. i love her with all my heart and i admire her for the kind of person she is , more than a star ...
    Happy Birhtday Drashti , May God bless u with best of times for all the years ahead !

  28. n thanks fr the interview Himanshu ...

  29. Nice interview..Thank U :)..Happy Birthday Drashti..hope all your dream get fulfilled,n hope some1 gift u iphone.Would love to see Drashti paired with Gurmeet in GHSP season2 or any new show...Beena

  30. Happy Birtday dear Drashti. Please come back soon (with GC, of course) to entertain us once again! Thanks Himanshu for this lovely chit-chat
    - Panjika

  31. Happy birthday drashti..and thanks for the interview himanshu

  32. many mant happy returns of the day happy birthday dear tum jeo hazarun saal aur saal ke din hon pechas hazaar plzzz esa mat kehu hamara dil mat toro ji hamain hamare gurti wapis chaye plzzz DD aap hamare request sun lo hamain aap dono gwet season2main dekhna hai aapko aur gurmeet ko u guys are my heart and soul so fanz ka dil mat torna God bless u have a great birthday dear

  33. many mant happy returns of the day happy birthday dear tum jeo hazarun saal aur saal ke din hon pechas hazaar plzzz esa mat kehu hamara dil mat toro ji hamain hamare gurti wapis chaye plzzz DD aap hamare request sun lo hamain aap dono gwet season2main dekhna hai aapko aur gurmeet ko u guys are my heart and soul so fanz ka dil mat torna God bless u have a great birthday dear

  34. many mant happy returns of the day happy birthday dear tum jeo hazarun saal aur saal ke din hon pechas hazaar plzzz esa mat kehu hamara dil mat toro ji hamain hamare gurti wapis chaye plzzz DD aap hamare request sun lo hamain aap dono gwet season2main dekhna hai aapko aur gurmeet ko u guys are my heart and soul so fanz ka dil mat torna God bless u have a great birthday dear

  35. many many many happy returns of the day Drashti and may all your wishes come true.

    i really do not care if its Geet 2 or another show but whatever it is i do want to see GURTI in it.

  36. luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve you DD............v r missing you alot..............cum back soooooooooon.......................plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  37. Thanks for the interview Himanshu.
    Wish you many more happy returns Drashti .. May u keep smiling and make others lively in your company for a long long time .

  38. Thank u Himanshuuu..lovely interview of the lovely lady.......such simple , straight forward q's n straight frward answers by beloved Drashti.........we miss u a lot drashti.......please come back with Gurmeet...we miss our Gurti's magical chemistry n acting...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DRASHTI......May God shower his abundant blessings on u...have agreat day n great year........GOD BLESS U.........

  39. Happy Birthday Drashti...May God fulfill all your wishes nd bless u wid lots of happiness, peace nd success....GHSP season-2 or any new show v want Gurti together ASAP....so pls come back....Lov u angel....keep smiling nd always be as u are....muahhhhhhhhhhhhh Deepika

  40. I loved the simplicity of the questions that were put forward her easy replies. In today's times a creative, well-meaning and sensible journalist is scarce commodity. It had no pre-planned agenda The questions were positive- ended and didn't probe needlessly or corner Drashti. Also liked Drashti's reply on the possibility of Geet 2. Most of us here do know Geet 2 is a really distant possibility and our efforts are for Gurti 2 on any platform that gives credence to the actor's abilities. That is why we call up asking for Gurmeet and Drashti together onscreen than just harping up the Geet bandwagon. So, it would be Gurti 2 and not Geet 2 now :-) Needless to say, my most favourite question was the last one and even more Drashti's reply:

    Q:The last line of your autobiography would read?
    Ans: ... and she lived happily ever after"

    OH. SO. TACT. :-)

    Bravo, Himanshu. Reading the interview was one pleasant experience that had us feeling as light and cheery as the girl herself is. I am sure you had just as much joy asking those questions as she would have had answering to them as we had reading them! I hope Gurmeet's interview comes out just as well. Cheers!

    *Sini walks off wondering how many iphones DD is going to get soon as gifts from phoren lands* :P

    - Sinistral Handa

  41. drasthi, you are very pretty and nice girl, tumhare bare me bahut si baathe hai joh mujhe acchi lagthi hai, i love you so much,

  42. Thank u very much Himanshu Scrutiny Blog for such a beautiful interview of Drashti........Loved simple yet brilliant interview..........Hats off......

    Please convey our messages..........Thank u very much Himanshu Scrutiny Blog...........

    Drashti sweetheart Happy Birthday...May your life be filled with happiness peace love health success and may all ur dreams come true Drashti dear...Love adore and admire u so much dear...

    Drashti Gurmeet dearies thank u n love u both so much for gifting Us Our MAANEET Geet hui sabse parayi..............Drashti Gurmeet admire and love u both for being best actor and best actress ever and forever and also for being such humble down to earth lovely people...................Wishing all the happiness peace love health success and may all your dreams come true..................Our Geet hui sabse parayi MAANEET n V GHSPIANS MAANEETIANS r destined to be together forever in Our MAANEET paradise. Our 'Geet hui sabse parayi' MAANEET' is the most heart-touching soul-touching most precious inspirational divine magical beautiful musical fairytale romantic passionate breathtaking bestest special unique journey truly an eternal saga which has taken all GHSPIANS MAANEETIANS to GHSP MAANEET paradise since GHSP MAANEET have come into our lives as angel sunshine fragrance rainbow and changed us our lives forever and thus made the past 1 year 9 months as the best phase in my life and thus made my reality more beautiful blissful peaceful colourful hopeful than any dream and I know this is similar case with all My fellow Dear GHSPIANS MAANEETIANS...........MAANEET r perfect best couple ever and forever and r an epitome of divine unconditional selfless immense care love, respect, admiration, trust, understanding, pride, worship, truth, justice, hope, faith, positivity, happiness, peace, colours, fragrance, dreams, dreams becoming reality............. Love, respect, admire worship GHSP MAANEET truly n deeply to infinity n even beyond.................Gurmeet and Drashti truly king and queen of expressions have made MAANEET real for us with your magical beautiful performances.................. Hats off to the entire team of GHSP........Thank u n love u all so much.................. Surely missing GHSP MAANEET GHSPIANS MAANEETIANS very much but still u all will always occupy very special place in My Life Heart Soul which no one can replace.................. All the best Entire team of GHSP for ur future.V GHSPIANS MAANEETIANS r trying everything possible and hoping for the best to get Season 2 of Our GHSP MAANEET’ maahi...................GHSP MAANEET’ maahi forever.............Long live Our GHSP MAANEET' maahi Our Life Heart Soul........Geet hui sabse parayi MAANEET’ maahi Drashti Gurmeet GHSPIANS MAANEETIANS r truly the bestest of the best so truly deserve the bestest of the best.............

    Love&Best wishes........
    Spandana KS...........
    Proud to be Geet hui sabse parayi MAANEET' lover admirer worshipper ever n forever...........
    Proud to be GHSPIAN MAANEETIAN ever n forever.......

  43. DD u r superbbbbbbbbb,awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    the bestttttttt
    plssss be backkkkkkkkkk with GC in geet2 plssssssssssssss

  44. my cuty darshti happy birth day love you too much

  45. dd.your interviews and segments are a treat to watch.love you princess.have a rocking b,day.

  46. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Drashti.....

    hoping to see you soon onscreen with Gurmeet with the ROCKing chemistry.....

    Love you.....

  47. A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends....happy birthday DRASHTI.

  48. i am viewer from U.S.A. drasthi is very popular here. she is dream tobe everybody doughater and bahu. very profesional and beuty ith brain.she has won so many people heart here.

  49. Happy birthday to the most beautiful cute elegant awesome hott lovable adorable versatile desirable woman on earth.
    She is the best girl ever.. Just wanteverything best in the world for uu always..
    Wish u grt health wealth success respect peace happiness and every damn thing u hav even desired about or dreamt of..
    Love love love and love alwayz.You↗ You ↙ You → You ↓ You ↪ You ↫ You ↲ You ↯ You ↱ You ↶ and You ↴The ultimate, above all, the best, top, something that nothing is better than.beautiful cute elegant awesome hott lovable adorable versatile desirable woman on earth.
    DRASHTI is best..
    we love you Drashti

  50. drashti love u alot..may u get all the success n peace in ur life drashti u r not made for tlvsin...,we want to see u on big scren......so plz make ur dreem possible..

  51. DRASTHI please choose your show carefully .youhave very good popularity here in U.S.A.we love you as dr mushkan to geet and very very as a drasthi dham.infect myself love you as drasthi dhami.i am probaly at your mom edge.

  52. I am also from U.S.A and iam dehard fan of drasthi ilove her in alladd,music vedeo and dr mushkan to geet.i like gurmeet as maan shing khurana.but today i saw video he change his look i dont know how it is going to help him in bollywood.

  53. Happy belated birthday Drasthi. Hope you had a gr8 day...I did celebrating my son's 6th b'day on that day...

    1. love ur chemistry with GC .do anything u want but if geet season 2 happens plz come back with that arrogant man(maan).plz plz plz.

  54. I am from dubai.wanted to see you during your visit in dubai but koi baat nahi phir kabhi.love you as geet and your pair with maan

  55. same here.aap dono kamaal hai.come back soon

  56. thanks you dd, due so much tension have not seen this interview, love you sweety love you both we will still wait for season 2

  57. Amazing questions and beautiful answers. Wish you 2012 a wonderful year for you in personal life as well as professional. We are die hard fans so whatever you do, we will always support you and love you. Hope to see you soon.

    Thanks Himanshu

  58. plz geet come in geet season 2 we wnt u to do geet2 4 ur fans

  59. wowwwww.....she is so honest and down to earth...:):)
    loved her replies especially that last line of autobiography..!!
    love her <3<3<3<3

  60. LOVE YOU A LOT DD...


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