April 27, 2012

Kashmera Shah and Sambhavna Seth play hide and seek!

Controversy queens Kashmera Shah and Sambhavna Seth decided to have a little fun with their publicist Dale Bhagwagar this week, as they think “he’s forgotten to laugh.” So they called him to the Andheri hot-spot Indigo for a meeting. But when he reached the restaurant, both of them hid themselves by plunging under their wooden dining table. Lol.

As Dale had called and confirmed his appointment, he began looking for them. He spotted Lucky Ali and Ranvir Shoery, but couldn't find his PR clients. He buzzed Sambhavna on her cell, who told him, she and Kash were very much inside the restaurant and waiting for him.

Flummoxed about how he could have missed spotting his clients, the PR took another round through the restaurant, but still couldn't find them. So this time, he called Kashmera, who told him the same thing Sambhavna had. Totally confused by now, Dale decided to give his search a third shot and went scanning each and every table at the eatery one by one. And bingo! He found both Kash and Sambhavna sitting and sipping coffee at one of them.

"I checked all the tables twice just a minute ago and you weren't there," the bewildered publicist exclaimed! "No Dale, we've been sitting here, waiting for you from almost 15 minutes now," replied Kash with a straight face. "How could that be," Dale wondered, while both the girls kept taunting him and pulling his leg for not being able to spot his own clients.

The visibly baffled and embarrassed Bollywood publicist preferred to keep mum about it! It was only after their hour-long meeting and while the trio was waiting for their cars at the valet parking outside, was when Kash and Sambhavna decided to drop the bomb!

"We hid under the table to fool you when you came in," they shot, suddenly bursting into sarcastic evil laughter, as the publicist realized; the girls had taken him for a royal ride! Of course, he laughed, but remarked, "Comedy is tragedy at a distance," leaving the bombshells aghast!

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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