October 26, 2012

Sayantani Ghosh the first female contestant to exit the Bigg Boss house

From participating sportingly in the ghulam act to showing off dance move, Sayantani Ghosh has been one of the most calm and adjusting housemates on Bigg Boss. She never threw tantrums or got involved in any fights/quarrels. Being a TV soap actress, she did get along really well with her fellow co TV actors, Delnaaz, Urvashi & Aashka Goradia. But she also was never a “part” of any group within the house, which may have resulted in none of the housemates voting for her safety.

Talking about her personality, Sayantani was always chirpy and happy, always willing to entertain the other housemates with her dance moves or her singing. What many do not know is that she is a melodious singer as well. Quite often, she was seen entertaining the housemates with different, long forgotten songs. Sayantani took every day as it came and lived her life to the fullest. She was very compassionate with the other housemates and took every chance to be a part of all the happenings in the house. Well, one by one everyone has to leave the Bigg Boss house. Sayantani shall be missed a lot.

When asked, Sayantani said, “The Bigg Boss house is indeed a life changing experience. I’ve had a blast inside the house and have made some good friends. I wish I could stay in the house for a longer time and I hope that I get a chance to go to the house again as a wild card entrant. But, I know that its just a game and one day everyone has to come out. I’m looking forward to meeting my friends and family. I will definitely follow the rest of the season and wish the housemates the best of luck, and may the most deserving win!
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