November 05, 2012

Major Sidhu Saab ki Sena vs Vrajesh Hirjee

Episodic Synopsis – Day 29 : The housemates wake up to a pleasant surprise as they see Mink Brar sleeping in the boys’ room early in the morning. Delnaaz is the first one to identify Mink and greet her. The housemates introduce themselves to Mink and they all start asking her about the audience opinions about them outside the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss announces the commencement of the ‘Major Saab ki Sena’. The letter is read out and everyone gets prepared for the task.

The housemates go through a physical drill in the activity area where each and everyone perform compulsorily. Sidhu leads them during the task. Mink is advised by Urvashi to take the task seriously as it involves their luxury budget. Sidhu gets into his role and instructs everyone that he wants to train everyone to test their physical endurance. A few oppose to this but Sidhu remains adamant. Mink advises Rajev to stay away from Delnaaz as his so called love is not liked by the audience.

Vrajesh is called in the confession room by Bigg Boss and given a secret task. Vrajesh starts convincing the housemates to retaliate to Sidhu’s decision of having strenuous drills as the housemates need to stay up all night too! Sidhu feels that Vrajesh is the culprit behind the whole revolt. He punishes Vrijesh and orders him to stand alone near the washroom area. Vrajesh gets pissed and starts talking and complaining to the camera. Sidhu tries to talk to Vrajesh but he fails to agree with him. The girls start discussing how Vrajesh wants things to be done his way always and Sidhu agrees.

Mink makes fun of Vrajesha s he is lying down in the garden area all alone. Delnaz come to Vrajesh and tell him to apologize to Sidhu and compromise the issue. Vrajesh does not agree. After a while the Garnier Men Manhunt task is launched. Only the boys of the house take part in the same. They go through a few rounds of competitions and eventually a winner grabs the Garnier Men Manhunt title which is judged by the ladies of the house. After the task all the housemates feel bad for Vrajesh as he is supposed to sleep outside the house. Sidhu gets convinced by the girls and has a dialogue with Vrajesh. After a lot of talking and explanations, the two hug each other and the housemates go to sleep.

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