December 19, 2012

TAM’s release date to be delayed further

As reported earlier, IBF (Indian Broadcasting Foundation), ISA (Industry Standard Architecture), AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) jointly decided that the TAM (Television Audience Measurement) ratings will be release on Dec 19th 2012.

Everyone was desperately waiting for 19th December. "At the request of I&B Ministry, Govt. of India, and in concurrence with IBF, AAAI & ISA, TAM will delay the data release. The reason for doing so is that the Govt. of India has requested TAM to withhold release of data by two or three days.  The industry is meeting with the ministry to take a decision on Thursday or Friday (20th Dec/ 21st Dec, 2012)," said TAM Media Research in an official statement.

The final release date of TAM will depend on the outcome of industry conversations on the subject.

So till then...the wait will continue..
-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the update

madhum hua said...

Thank you for the update...but technically they haven't given a real solid reason for delay...'govt requests delay'...I mean why? What is so highly secretive or sensitive that govt has to request delay?

Suspect in relation to court case, perhaps?

I think highly unlikely they are coming out this year...

madhum hua said...

...btw, just FYI...the grey colour lettering on a dark brown background does not render very well for easy reading...;) thx

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