January 21, 2013

Paintings can heal the body, mind, and spirit...

What exactly is Painting Therapy?
I remember in my school there was a huge painting in our principal’s room, which showed Jesus with open arms and inclined head. His eyes were lowered and there was a charismatic smile on his face, it looked like he was offering his love. Once I was feeling depressed and dejected because of certain reasons. That time my principal asked me to concentrate on that painting. He said it might help me in calming down and gain confidence. I started to concentrate on that painting. He then asked me what the first thing I noticed in that painting was. At that time, I murmured ‘I think Principal has gone mad’.  I later realised that it was a type of healing and I actually felt better after viewing that painting. 

Each colour has a different wavelength, which communicates with different physical and psychosomatic problems that people suffer from.  Correct blend of colours are used to create a painting which represents combination of energies, which actually alters and heals the viewer's physical and energetic body. Such paintings are known as Healing Paintings and the process of healing via such paintings is termed as painting therapy. This therapy extends the relationship between body, soul and spirit. Herman Ostendorf, well known healing expert and artist from The Netherlands started healing others two years ago. “I noticed that each picture seemed to radiate a special energy that was felt by people and actually give them a very special experience.”

Shamita Sharma (39 years old) happily married and having two daughters shared her experience while she was pregnant. “When I was pregnant my mom advised me to keep pictures of baby Krishna with a smiling face in my room. She said it will create pleasant environment and will provide positive and healing energy. To my surprise it actually worked and helped me to feel good during mood swings.”

How these Healing Paintings are created?
Paintings are created with the use of 'Colour Therapy Theory'. Initial properties of paintings are described, like what is painting is supposed to heal. After this a colour palette is created and then painting theme is chosen by symbolism. “I choose ‘Monk’ as a symbol for my healing paintings.  I start painting ‘Healing Monks’ with the conviction that each painting will possess an energy that people around the world will use as a healing power. It’s like the monk has listened to you and what you ask him, it’s already given to you. The monk goes on and leaves you with his blessing. You feel genuine warmth from the painting of Healing Monk and it is important to know that whatever you ask him, he always leaves his wisdom with you,” quips Herman Ostendorf.

Where to place healing Paintings?
Right placement of healing paintings maximizes its healing possessions. It should be placed where one will receive best possible ongoing exposure to the healing energy on a daily basis. Once the healing energy of painting becomes part of surroundings, an individual constantly benefits from it by means of harmonic resonance. A person's own energy field will regulate. 

Another form of Painting Therapy...
There is another technique used to heal by paintings which is part of Art Therapy. In this technique the therapist asks the person to be healed to draw a random picture using charcoal or paint or watercolour on a moist piece of paper. The resultant free work, which may be a painting or a sketch, gives the necessary starting point for a guided process. Client might be novice in this painting or sketching but what matters is that he/she must be actually doing the painting and the charcoal work, which initialises the will to be healed. This process is referred to be “Therapeutic art”.  Tarot card reader, astrologer and an actor Munisha Khatwani recommends that paint whenever you feel disheartened, “Painting is a form of spirituality. You get calming and soothing energy, when you paint. It actually helps you in releasing stress from your body.

Therapeutic art creates a three-way relationship between the client, the therapist and the painting or a sketch created by client. Therapists consume their experience and knowledge of holiness, psychology, human development, clinical training and multicultural artistic traditions to bring out the healing potential of painting. This art opens a new world to the client and help him/her to step through a door to another world.  Therapeutic art helped me to gain more confidence.  Now I handle the stress very well because I started trusting on myself,” said a healed client Ish Kumar (39 years old entrepreneur). 

Who can benefit from Painting Therapy?
This therapy is not restricted for any particular class of people. It can be utilised to heal different types of people from all age ranges, from students, working professionals, couples, families or any type of groups. Those who want to reduce stress and improve self-esteem can go for this therapy. Drug addicts or those who are involved in eating disorder treatment or trauma recovery can also attend the rehab classes. “Therapeutic art is beneficial for those who are less capable or comfortable in expressing themselves via words,” said Munisha.

Traditional art therapy may be prescribed for emotional or psychological issues whereas painting therapy can be given for various ranges of conditions, from psychological to physical.

Secondly this therapy does not involve any surgery or medication, thus chances of side-effects are quite negligible. Probably that’s the reason it has been used for centuries to heal disorders of the mind, body and soul. When asked what if we are over exposed by healing energy of paintings, Herman responded, “Our own energy field will regulate the appropriate amounts of energy that we receive from healing painting on an ongoing basis.  Don’t worry you will never be overexposed.”

He added an interesting fact, “It does not have any side effects. And whether you believe in healing paintings or not, it works anyway.” 

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa...


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