February 22, 2013

Archangels..those who believe them are those who can see them!

We are surrounded by some loving and powerful energies which help and protect us in difficult times. These energies are basically spiritual beings which are referred to as Angels. American author and psychic Doreen Virtue popularized a concept of Angel Therapy.  In this therapy; we call upon Angels and ask for their help to sort our emotional issues. Here’s more on that...

What are Angels? Do angels exist?
So, who are these ‘angels’ and are they really there? Angels are the spiritual beings which are employed by God. They are also referred as ministerings, messengers from God, or guiding spirits. There is no convincing confirmation which will prove Angels’ exists, but they are still a part of different cultures like Judaic, Christian, and Islamic. I heard a melodious song ‘Wings Of Desire’ on Youtube about Angels which says, ‘Those who believe them are those who will see them.’ This song clearly gives an indication that trust plays a major part to feel the existence of Angels.

Aaradhna Uppal, an actress by profession is also an expert in Archangel Healing. Currently she is seen in the second season of ‘Na Bole Hum Na Maine Kuch Kaha’ on Colors’ & ‘Kuch Toh log Kahege’ on Sony TV. She said, “The word Angel is derived from Greek word ‘Angelos’, which means messenger. They are a connection between Earth and Heaven, or a channel between us and God. And, yes Angels do exist, and faith is required for believing in their existence. We need to accept the possibility that there is a higher order of existence than human life, and then only we can feel their existence.

Archangels...heavy hitters Angels...
There are millions and billions of Angels, out of which there are 15 Archangels. The word ‘Archangel’ again derived from a Greek word ‘arche’ which means ‘chief’. Archangels are the leader of other angels and are the highest ranked angels in heaven. God gives them the most significant tasks, and they do their work both in the heavenly and in the earthly dimensions. They could be in all places at all times and are not bound to one person at a time.

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Archangel Cards...
Archangel Oracle Cards are developed by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. It’s a set of 45 Archangel Cards, 3 for each of the 15 Archangels featured in the deck. Each card has a different picture of an Archangel, along with a theme and a short message. “There are several decks available in the market, choose the one which attracts you. After selecting the deck we cleanse them by shuffling them thoroughly. Shuffling lets your own energy get infused with the Angelic energy of the cards. Some people cleanse them by simply holding and visualizing pure white light move through the deck. Tap the deck 2-3 times, which will release the negative energies inside them. After cleansing, the cards are ready to use,” quips Aaradhna.

She further added, “Ask the Angels to help you and shuffle them again. While shuffling, ask the angels about any question. Spread the first three cards which will define your Past, Present and Future. Try to link the three cards; the card reading expert might help you to relate the three cards. Sometimes if some cards pop up randomly, keep those cards aside, and give them extra importance.

The angel readings are not totally clairvoyant, unlike other psychic readings.  It doesn't only answer your questions, but also highlights other issues which are connected to Karmic cycle or lifetime. “Tarot deals with spirits so you need to protect them before connecting to the spirits. While in Angel Card reading no such protection is needed,” said our expert Aaradhna.

Emotional Healing with Angels...
There are 9 primary emotions that cause blockages in our energy system like Guilt, Shame, Disgust, Threat, Betrayal, Fear, Stress and Anger. There are specific angels which help to heal each emotion. Like Archangel Michael is the healer of all fears, Archangel Sarah is the healer of stress, Archangel Raphael is the healer of guilt and Archangel Celestina is the healer of shame. Call upon the specific angel; they will work with you to overcome these emotions.

Everyone has angels watching out for them..
Angels are assigned to each and every one of us, these angels are known as our Guardian Angels. They never leave our side from our birth to death. They guide us and give us a helping hand, but it is our free choice whether we listen to them or not.

Angels give a sign when they are trying to contact you..
We are always surrounded by our guardian Angels. They mark their presence in many ways by showing some angelic signs. Aaradhna says, “Do you keep seeing white feathers, which appear in the most unlikely of places and at unusual times? It means an angel might be trying to get your attention. White feather is one of the most common Angelic signs. Clouds, flowers, butterflies or a beautiful moth, rainbows, dreams, the melodic tinkling of tiny bells, floral fragrance, shimmering lights or someone calling your name in melodious tone are some other Angelic signs.”

Call them for rescue...
Apart from reading Archangel Cards there are so many ways that in which Angels can help you. “Heaven hears you and responds when you ask for help. Think about your problems and ask heaven to help you.  You can speak loudly or shout your problem; you will get an answer from your subconscious mind. If you want you can write a letter to heaven. Pour your heart; write about your fear and worries and then burn the letter. The language doesn’t matter, because Angels understand our feelings. They don’t need letters in a specific format or language. All they need is faith and sincerity. Talk to your Angels, mentally speak to them before falling asleep,” said Aaradhna.

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No side effects...
According to our expert, anyone can call upon angels for help. “Angels are fortune tellers, you can call them anytime, anywhere all they need in return is love and a thank you and then they are more and more eager to help you. As I said, they are not SPIRITS, so there are no side effects.

While wrapping up Aaradhna added an interesting fact that the Angels also help non-believers. “They are always there to help whether you believe in them or not, that’s why they are known as Angels. Even if you’re a nonbeliever, your guardian angels surround you and love you. They are with you right now…at this very moment too. But faith is required to feel their presence.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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