February 15, 2013

Big question mark for honeymoon,as Ashish & me are tied up with our shows: Archana Taide

Archana Taide (who is currently seen in ‘Qubool Hai’) and Ashish Sharma (male lead in Rab Se Sohna Isshq) recently tied knot, after a courtship of less than 1 year.

We decided to chat with the lovely lady to know more about her wedding and honey moon plans..

When and where you got married?
We got married on 30th January 2013. Our marriage ceremony took place in Ashish's hometown Jaipur. It was a weeklong affair, starting with cocktail party, then haldi, mehendi ceremony following sangeet, finally marriage & then reception.

What customs and rituals were performed?
The wedding was a typical Rajasthani marriage and was attended by nearly 700 guests. The reception was held on 31 January, 2013 and the entire setup of the reception was given the
‘Maharaja’ style. The Haldi ceremony took place on 28th January and Mehendi, Sangeet on 29th January. Attires for the day was been designed by fashion designer Riyaz Ganjhi.

How and when did you meet him?
Our cute love story started with a great bond of friendship which with time transformed into love. I met him in Baroda when he was shooting for ‘Chandragupta Maurya’. I had gone there to shoot an episodic of Sagar Pictures’ ‘Mahima Shani Dev Ki’ and we happened to meet through a common director friend. Ashish was there with me as a strong pillar of support when my mom was hospitalized, and this is when our relationship got thicker.

How many years have you been dating him?
We recently completed one year of togetherness when it comes to our courtship period and this one year of courtship has not been easy. But the love and bond between us was so pure and true that we overcame all the problems. Frankly speaking, I have shown him the best and worst of me but Ashish never budged at all. I know it seems a little fast that we have got married in just a year, but that’s what happens when you know each other so much. In this one year, we have explored not just each other, but our own selves’ individuality as well. Today we both want to better ourselves for each other and I guess that is what is important in a relationship.

Any honeymoon plans?
For honeymoon Ashish is going to Naigoan (Rab Se Sohna Isshq set) and I am going to Powai (Qubool Hai’set) hahaha..Jokes apart, both of us are too tied up with our respective shows; hence there is big question mark for our honeymoon. But I guess mostly in the month of June we shall go to Greece for our honeymoon.

We wish Archana & Ashish heaps of happiness and bliss..

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the interview......god bless u ashish n archana

Sandeep Jasana said...

Gud bless u archana and ashish. nohar washi ki taraf se all the best ... Sandeep Jasana.

Sandeep Jasana said...

Gud bless u archana and ashish. nohar washi ki taraf se all the best ... Sandeep Jasana.

Anonymous said...

god bless u ashish n archana...u both r made 4 each other

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.. Ashish Got marry...????..my love aashish ..its too early

Anonymous said...

To the naive i-d-iots above who wished Ashish and Archana blessings and God's best wishes, I got a reality check for you soft-headed moorkhs: Neither Archana Taide nor Ashish Sharma can receive your messages and 'blessing' because THIS ISN'T THEIR PERSONAL BLOG! They have not read your messages nor will they likely ever read your pathetic sentimental messages.

You don't even know these people and you're blessing them as if they're your personal friends.

Get off you knees and start respecting the REAL people in your lives, instead of perfect strangers that live in TV land.

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