March 20, 2013

I also don’t follow society rules like Chhanchhan: Sanaya Irani

Sassy Sanaya Irani is amid few actresses who can carry off the girl-next-door look so efficiently. Last seen in ‘Iss PyaarKo Kya Naam Doon’, Sanaya is coming back with a bang with Sony TV’s Chhanchhan.  In a conversation with Scrutiny, the bubbly actress discussed about her upcoming show. Excerpts:

Is Chhanchhan is based on yesteryear film Khoobsurat, and Chhanchhan’s character is based on the movie’s actress Rekha?
I have not seen Khoobsurat, in fact I haven't seen any old film. I was in a boarding school and we are not allowed to watch movies at that time. So I cannot say anything about this. When the brief of the show is given to me, they haven't told me it’s related to any film or I have to perform like a certain actor. I was given a very keen brief about the show and it was a story, which we are following.  I heard this first time from the media that Chhanchhan is inspired by Khoobsurat.

Tell us something about your character in the show.
She has her own opinion about everything. She has all the morals and values that any person has, but she doesn't go by society. She doesn't follow any society norms just because it was societies laid out. She is not one of those suppressed women basically, like in lots of the show you see mother-in-law says put the ghoonghat like this, Chhanchhan is not like one of those people.

How are you similar to Chhanchhan?
Chhanchhan is very much like Sanaya. She comes from a chilled out family, my family is exactly like that. Chhanchhan loves dog, I also love dogs.  I am very opinionated; I also don’t follow society rules like my onscreen character. I don’t think follow what people have to say, because my parents have never taught me to follow that. They have just taught me to be good, they tell me good things happen to good people, so be a good human being and nothing else matter.

How she is different from Khushi?
Both the girls are happy go. Khushi was bizarre, she was a goofy person whereas Chhanchhan is not. Chhanchhan is today's girl. Khushi and Chhanchhan came from different backgrounds.  Chhanchhan's parents are liberal, she is well educated, all of which Khushi didn't have. For Khushi coming to a big city was a big thing, but on the other hand Chhanchhan lives in a big city.

Do you watch Hindi serials?
Honestly I don’t watch Hindi shows.

How was your experience working with Farhan(Khan)?
I have not actually shot so much with Farhan. It’s just been a day and for a newcomer he kind of surprised me. Every new person is little scared, nervous initially. I think he is also going through all those things.

Your boyfriend Mohit Sehgal too had auditioned for the lead role.
It was reported widely just because he is my boy friend. There were 50 other people who auditioned for this show out of which four were my friends but nobody wrote about them. However for him it was just another audition, hence there was no reaction when he did not get selected.

-K Himaanshu Shukla..

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview Scrutiny
All d best Sanny <3

Anonymous said...

love sanaya and they will rock the show

Anonymous said...

Sanaya Irani is the most beautiful and talentd actress in other actress has made me laugh with an laugh at KKG. She made me cry with and for KKG and she even made me fall in love with the character of ASR from whom in real life I would run a mile.
Sanaya Irani thank you for Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and all the best for ChhanChhan.

Anonymous said...

Sanaya my cutee, you look so stunning in the photo shoot dear.
Now I am more more more exited for my princess show.
Hope you and Farhan will make a good pair
But I'll miss my Sarun a lot.
All the best guyz
Rock the show

Anonymous said...

Thank God mohit didnt get this role! He is the katrina kaif of tellywood.Only less prettier

Benish Akmal said...
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Anonymous said...

I just LOVE and ADORE Sanaya, can't wait for ChhanChhan :)

Anonymous said...

eagerly waiting for the show

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