September 18, 2013

Bigg Boss 7- Day 3: Heaven and hell fight over food

Food seems to be the biggest concern of the hell and heaven mates inside the Bigg Boss house. While the housemates have limitations for food, they are trying hard to make ends meet and provide everyone with their needs.

Arman however doesn’t seem to be very considerate about the same and his demands seem to be irking the heaven mates. During the lunch time, he asks for more dal and accuses the heaven-mates for ignoring his needs. He also happens to spill the food that was offered to him and upsets the other housemates.

Gauhar does not appreciate his behavior and feels that he should take these things more seriously while being more cooperative. Other housemates including Shilpa, Sangram and Anita were seen expressing a concern about Arman’s behavior and the way he disrespected food.

Looks like the demarcation between heaven and hell has finally started hitting the parties on both the sides.

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