May 08, 2014

Dramatic twists and turns to spice up the of Bani…Ishq Da Kalma

Parmeet(Gaurav Chaudhary) tells Bani (Shefali Sharma) that he has messed up the things and he therefore went to Mann house to know the truth why Sohum(Adhvik Mahajan) signed the property papers. Parmeet pacifies and tells Bani and Rajji (Neha Bagga) will be fine.

Everyone is tensed in Mann house and Sohum interrogates what wrong did he do? He wants Rajji to sort out differences with Parmeet so they can continue living a happy life.

Kookie in resentment says that Rajji is pregnant and Sohum should have been considerate about it. Sohum finds himself in the midst of the situation and wonders how she can even be pregnant if she just got married. Bani takes charge of the situation and tells him that Sohum was in coma for 6 months and that’s when Rajji actually got pregnant and now listening to this he feels sorry about his behavior.

Parmeet goes ahead and speaks to Randeep (Paras Singh Minhas) and has a conversation about how he went to Mann house to find out about property and Sohum assumed that he was there to take Rajji back to the Bullar house.

On the other hand, Balbeer tells Raymon why she is worried and let things go how they are going, so Raymon evilly reveals that she wants Rajji in the Bullar house so she can torture her. 

Meanwhile Sohum then questions Rajji that why Rajji was dressed in bridal attire and Bani says they were to have a puja in the house and both of them were to dress in their respective bridal attire. The situation gets under control with Sohum.

However post this Parmeet calls Bani to check if Rajji’s location has been tracked. Parmeet promises to find Rajji and on the other hand Bani leaves the house searching for Rajji.

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