September 30, 2014

Is letter ‘R’ auspicious for Shastri Sisters?

While the King Khan has made Rahul and Raj universally popular Indian names, the cast and crew of Shastri Sisters is on its way to take the ‘R’ legacy forward. Upon having consulted a guru, the production house of COLORS’ popular show Shastri Sisters, Shankutalam Productions learned that the letter ‘R’ was indeed lucky for the show.

The creative team of the show then took a unanimous decision to have the names of the male characters begin with the letter ‘R’. Since Sumit Bharadwaj had already been coined the name ‘Neel’, the creative team named the remaining three young actors Rajat (played by Vijayendra Kumeria), Rohan (played by Sujay Reu) and Rajiv (played by Sumit Verma).

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