October 12, 2014

Deepshikha Bids Adieu to the Bigg Boss House after Three Weeks!

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After Sukirti Kandpal, the Bigg Boss house bid adieu to yet another house-mate this week. Actress Deepshikha Nagpal was evicted this week from Bigg Boss Season 8 after competing against Aarya, Gautam, Sonali and Pritam in the nominations.

Deepshikha who entered the house in style as one of the three members of the 'Secret Society' along with Punit Isaar and RJ Pritam, survived three weeks inside the house. As a captain she won the Hijack task, which ironically was the very first task of the season too. 

Though her loud & bossy nature did not go down very well with the other contestants, however her cooking skills earned her loads of appreciation from co-contestants. 

Deepshikha bonded well with the girl gang that included Diandra, Soni, Karishma, and Minisha. Being one of the eldest in the house, Deepshikha had a special bond with Punit Issar too. Being very forthcoming and upfront during the task or any other work in the house,  Deepshikha was equally strong headed and never complained, even after being physically and mentally stressed during the Babbars Vs Lamabas task. Deepshika survived the task and performed well. When Hrithik Roshan came to visit the house mates inside the house, Deepshika was the most excited and shared her experiences of working together with Hrithik & his dad, Rakesh Roshan. 

Despite being fearless and upfront, Deepshika had to leave the Bigg Boss house due to lack of strong connections. She surely made some friends but more adversaries and that is what did not work in her favour. Nevertheless, we wish Deepshikha all the best and cherish her memories from Bigg Boss Season 8.

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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