October 02, 2014

Salman Khan started promoting Shahrukh's Happy New Year on Bigg Boss?

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Last year Salman Khan whole-heartedly promoted his good friend Aamir Khan's film Dhoom-3 in Bigg Boss. That's why everyone was curious to know whether he will promote Shahrukh Khan's upcoming film along with Aamir's PK in Colors' most talked reality show?

Salman was bombarded by media, journalists repeatedly asked him the same question in almost every event. To which Salman promptly replied, "Yes, why not?".

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Bollywood's Chulbul Pandey is well known for not letting bygones be bygones, but now moody Salman is following 'forgot the f**k..kiss and hug' attitude.

Looks like he is now on a mission to promote his arch rival SRK's film in Bigg Boss. Yesterday he said in the show, "Upar wale kya tere mann mein samaayi? HAPPY NEW YEAR mein kisi ke haath mein halwa kisi ke haath mein musibat thamaai."

Well Kick star once again proved that he has a heart of Gold and does not hesitate in promoting films of his competitors. Kudos to you Salman!!

-K Himaanshu Shukla...

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