October 16, 2014

#BiggBoss8 Day 31 : Will Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares manage to bring luxury budget home?

Pop singer Ali Quli Mirza launches an obsessive cleanliness drive “Swachhata Abhiyaan”, every housemate has given one responsibility. After a long day of hard work and cleaning, Bigg Boss applauds Karishma Tanna's Super Heros team for winning the task and also the efforts of many other team members and awards them a larger luxury budget. But it was not as easy as it seemed. 

Bigg Boss recognized every moment that the contestants broke the house rules and deducted points from the contestants for every mishap. In the end, the contestants had a total of 1400 points that they could use to purchase luxury items that were placed in the store room.

But when the game is Bigg Boss, nothing can be super easy. Bigg Boss had spread out all the luxury items in the store room with every product being priced differently. Karishma Tanna was allowed to take one of her team members and head to the store room to pick out their necessities. However, there was a catch,  the contestants had to shop within a span of 2 minutes and could not go beyond the 1400 points limit.

In case they managed to go beyond the points limit, all the products that they had shopped for would be taken away by Bigg Boss and the contestants would be left without any luxury items.

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