November 19, 2014

#ShastriSisters: Devyani begins to doubt Anushka!

Nikki hatches yet another manipulative plan to show Devyani that Anushka and Rajat are getting close to each other behind her back. While she sends Devyani to the market, Minti sends Rajat to the Shastri house to bring the cylinder. He bumps into Anushka in the storeroom where the cylinder is placed.

Upon Devyani’s return from the market, Nikki moulds her mind against Anushka. Meanwhile, Anushka and Rajat realise that someone has locked the storeroom door. Nikki reveals to Devyani that Anushka and Rajat are alone together in the storeroom! She tells Devyani to call the rest of the family. Devyani follows her instructions and immediately calls Shastriji!

Now what will happen? Will Rajat and Anushka’s feelings be revealed in front of the family?

Copyright © 2014 - ScrutinyByKHimaanshu

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