November 21, 2014

#ShastriSisters: Devyani to return her ring to Rajat!

Colors’ slice of life drama has taken yet another interesting turn when Nikki and Minty’s plan against Devyani finally came to life.

Rajat revealed his feelings for Anushka in front of both, the Sareen as well as the Shastri family! A heartbroken Devyani locks herself up in her room and refuses to open the room to anyone. When Sareen scolds Minty for misunderstanding Rajat’s choice, Rajat feels bad and takes the blame for the miscommunication.

Devyani will finally realise that, in spite of her feelings for Rajat, she will not be able to keep him happy if he does not love her back. When Devyani finally emerges out of the room, she returns the ring to Rajat.

Will this be the end of her love story with Rajat? What does the future hold for Devyani?

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