November 28, 2014

#ShastriSisters: Rajat to get married to Karishma?

Anushka and Rajat’s love story will take yet another direction as Karishma, Rajat’s ex-girlfriend, convinces Rajat that in order to have Anushka confess her feelings to him, he should get her jealous. Karishma volunteers to play the role of his “love interest”. When Rajat fakes a call full of sweet nothings to Karishma in front of an unaffected Anushka, he gets worried that the plan may not be working. Recounting his worries to Karishma, she pacifies him saying that the plan will work for sure. Little does Rajat know that Anushka is indeed burning with jealousy!

Meanwhile, Karishma invests in her ulterior motive and requests her family to take her proposal for Rajat to the Sareen family. While Buaji and Alka are not convinced, Astha and Hari are completely in favour of the idea. Since Rajat believes that Karishma is doing this to only get Anushka to admit her feelings for Rajat, he seeks his father’s help to take the plan forward. Rajat requests Sareen to somehow have Anushka witness the scene of Karishma’s proposal. Knowing that his son is thoroughly in love with Anushka, Sareen agrees to do the same. When Anushka witnesses the scene, she is shocked into silence. When she finally finds her tongue, she congratulates both, Rajat and Karishma on this new change in their lives.

Will Anushka ever admit to her feelings or will Karishma succeed in her plan of getting married to Rajat?

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