December 29, 2014

Anushka to get thrown out of her house in Shastri Sisters..

The wedding drama in Colors’ Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) has taken ominous proportions with Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria) getting all the more wild at Anushka (Ishita Ganguly), with Karishma (Swati Kumar) slitting her wrist.

Drama will extend further with viewers getting to know of Karishma deliberately planning just a small cut on her wrist in order to be safe.

However, when the doctor at the hospital will tell her this, Karishma and Aastha (Shraddha Jaiswal) would ask the doctor to fake to the family members about the injury on the wrist being very bad. Rajat would look very guilty on seeing the bandaged wrist of Karishma. The girl would fake tears in her eyes and will tell Rajat that she has always loved him.

Meanwhile, Sareen (Gireesh Sahdev) and Neil (Sumit Bharadwaj) will welcome Anu home by doing her gruhapravesh. The Shastri family will then gear up for Anu’s bidaai, and will start packing her bag.

However, the twist in the tale will be the decision of Rajat that he will announce to the family.

Rajat who would be very upset after meeting Karishma at the hospital will tell all including Anu that he will not be able to live with Anu under one roof. This will leave Anu is a huge shock. Will this mean that Anu will not be allowed to stay with Rajat?

Also, Shastriji will stop believing Anushka and will try and throw her out of the house. While the rest of the sisters try and calm him down, Neel comes to her rescue and takes her to his house. Here, she comes face-to-face with Rajat who puts all the blame on her. Poor Anushka requests him for another day to prove her innocence.

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