December 16, 2014

The love triangle drama thickens on COLORS’ Shastri Sisters!

The love triangle between Anushka-Rajat-Karishma in Shastri Sisters is set to take yet another twist. While Anushka gathers solid proof by recording her conversation with Karishma about Karishma having hid Rajat’s confidential CD, Karishma knocks Anushka unconscious and locks her up in the boot of her SUV.

While Karishma makes sure that her guards are keeping a hawk’s eye out on Anushka, she forbids Rohan from going to the SUV. Meanwhile, back in the Sareen house, the preparations for Rajat and Karishma’s wedding are in full swing. Seated in a dimly lit room, Rajat has flashes of moments he spent with Anushka when Minty puts a kaala tikka on his forehead to keep her son from all evil’s eye.

Back in the SUV, Rohan is in his car while Anushka regains consciousness. Rohan reaches the shastri compound and he is about to see anu and he goes to collect shagun ki chunni.

Will Rohan be able to save Anushka? To know what happens, don’t miss tonight’s episode of Shastri Sisters at 7 PM only on COLORS!

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