January 09, 2015

Will Ishaan go against his parents wishes in Doli Armaanon Ki?

Spellbound Productions' popular show Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV has recently taken a time-leap of 6 years. In the upcoming episodes, the show is going to soon witness a few new entries.

Ishaan's (Vibhav Roy) family is already introduced in the show to spice up the drama. Now we heard, actress Afreen Patel has been roped to play Ujala. She is the daughter of Ishaan's mama (Rajesh Balwani).

According to our sources, "Ujala is dark & dusky that's why her mother is worried. She will be shown taking care of Ujala's skin to make her look fair. She does this, because she wants to keep Ujala secured, as she has gone through a lot in the past because of his dusky complexion."

On one hand, Bani (Parvati Sehgal) will get married to Samrat (Mohit Malik). Whereas on the other hand, Ishaan's family announced that they will never accept Urmi(Neha Marda) as their bahu because she is a divorcee. They will ask Ishaan to marry some other girl.

A new comer Isha has been finalized to play Rati, who is Ishaan's second sister. Rati is positive girl and she is like a doting sister, who always take care of her brother Ishaan and is always there to support him. She wants her brother to marry Urmi.

The show will now witness twists and turns in its storyline. Let's wait and watch, will Ishaan listen to his family members or follow his heart?

-Kavya D'Souza...

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