March 25, 2015

#PyaarTuneKyaKiya: Will love conquer Varsha’s insecurities?

The upcoming episode of Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya will bring yet another unusual love story. Varsha (Prerna Wanwari) and Mohit (Randeep Rai) are playing the protagonist in the episodic, which will focus how their love go beyond all odds.

They say, 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. Varsha, who is full of complexes about herself hardly believes this. Later Mohit’s love will change her perception or not is yet to be discovered.

Varsha, a popular RJ with a magical voice, enjoys great fan following. Her biggest fan is Mohit who listens to her show every day without fail. It does not take much time before Mohit, mesmerized by Varsha’s voice falls in love with her.

As destiny would have it, he soon wins a radio contest and gets an opportunity to finally meet his dream girl. Alas! Love stories are meant to face rocky roads. Varsha is very conscious about her physical appearance and not comfortable meeting Mohit. She is scarred with her childhood experiences of being teased and ridiculed for being dark and average looking.

Varsha forces her colleague and best friend Neha (Jasmine Avasia) to meet Mohit and pretend to be her. Neha decides to meet Mohit and realizes that he is madly in love with Varsha while Mohit can’t figure why RJ Varsha’s voice sounds so different in person.

Will Mohit find out the real story and get his true love? Will love conquer Varsha’s insecurities? What will be Neha’s role in this story?

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