April 21, 2015

Javed Akhtar turns narrator for The EPIC channel's ‘Jaane Pehchaane’..

Poet, lyricist and writer Javed Akhtar will now be seen reminiscing old Bollywood stars in a nostalgic set up. An icon himself, Javed Akhtar will make his debut on 'The EPIC' Channel literally making magic with his words.

Having begun shooting, he will take on the role of the narrator in a show titled ‘Jaane Pehchaane’ that will take the audience down the memory lane of Bollywood stars, films and filmmakers. The show is directed by the very young director Tarik Khattar and produced by Cinestaan Digital Pvt. Ltd. owned by Rohit Khattar.

The legend will be seen reminiscing the famous dialogues of yesteryear's and will narrate unheard of stories behind stars, scenes and films. A show that bases its episodes on well-researched content, Javed Akhtar will also reveal some of the industry’s best kept secrets. The show is designed to capture viewer’s attention with some of the best dialogues and lyrics from the yesteryear's.

The show begins this June and will cover almost every genre of Bollywood cinema..from the angry young men to romantic heroes, and from iconic villains to unforgettable mothers. The show will recall famous characters, films and scenes, most of who are already etched firmly in our minds.

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