July 09, 2015

My character in Shastri Sisters is exciting in terms of the vengeful behavior: Puneet Vashistha

A show which began as a journey of four sisters from a small town to a big city, COLORS’ family drama Shastri Sisters has reached a tumultuous juncture one year later. The show has been leading viewers through a number of emotional landmines after Kajal’s constant strife with the family for property, inevitably causing Rohan to be sent to jail. And as Shastri Sisters continues to keep viewers engrossed very single week, the show is set to add to the twists and turns as it takes a one year leap.

Anu’s life is set to change with a life-altering moment that tears her apart from her family and straight into the life of Raghavendra Singh, a doctor with a twisted mind. The many shades of Raghavendra, though, will add to the difficulties in Anu’s life as his ulterior motives come to light soon after he saves Anu from a deathly fall from a cliff.  A man who is short tempered by nature and irrational in his thought, Raghavendra will keep Anu locked up and force her to almost marry him! On the other hand, Anu’s family will deem her to be dead and life will move on in the Shastri household. Rajat, emotionally disturbed at having lost his love, will rely on Anu’s sister Devyani for support with their friendship heading towards marriage.

Roped in to portray the character of Raghavendra Singh is popular television actor Puneet Vashistha who has portrayed a dark character on many occasions in the past. Commenting on the new role Puneet said,”Shastri Sisters is a show that speaks vastly of family and relationships. The show has seen many strong negative characters and as the one year leap changes the storyline, my entry on the show will do just that to Anu’s life. Raghavendra’s character is obsessively psychotic. He knows no balance…he loves and hates in extremes. To me, Raghavendra’s character is exciting in terms of the vengeful behavior and intrigue he builds in the show. I believe in living the character and am looking forward to see what Raghavendra has in store for me!

With the show moving forward with dramatic turns as Kajal’s tyranny over the Sareen family continues to create havoc, the addition of Raghavendra will bring in more catastrophe that could change the household in unexpected ways.

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