May 11, 2016

I am sure Waaris will do well: Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan who was last seen in Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do as a terrorist is back to doing what he does best! Iqbal will be seen as Charan in &TV’s upcoming show Waaris, a loving husband, a doting father and a dutiful son. Set against the backdrop of Punjab, Waaris will a fresh new couple on screen – Iqbal Khan and Aarti Singh. Both the actors known for their portrayal of strong characters are certain to light up the screen with their brilliant performances as the peculiar family drama will unfold. Iqbal Khan in an exclusive chat with us –

Tell us something about the show?
Set against the backdrop of Punjab, Waaris is a social drama that traces the journey of a girl Manpreet who is made to accept the identity of a boy by her mother Amba. Manpreet is unaware of this secret and has been raised as a boy, he thoughtlessly does everything that Amba says without questioning back. The story is his flight at the back of the age old feud between the 2 warring landowners in the village.

What brings you to this show?
The storyline and the characterization of Waaris is so impactful that I couldn’t say a No. Very rarely do you come across strong concepts with a message, I am happy that &TV is presenting such a hard-hitting drama which is different from what you see on TV these days.

Tell us something about your character in the show?
I will be playing the character of Charan Pawania, who is the elder son of Deena Pawania and runs the Pawania business. He is a righteous and peace-loving person. Being the eldest son he takes care of his family, he loves his daughters and his wife a lot. He is also very fond of the villagers and keeps helping them in their various problems

You will be seen in a typical Punjabi avatar on the screen for the first time? How did you prepare for the same?
It’s interesting that being an actor; one gets an opportunity to experience different cultures. We all know that Punjabi’s are ‘dildaar’ people and that’s exactly how I am in the show. A lot of people from the unit had their inputs in the characterization of Charan and I just followed the director’s vision.

How is your experience working with your costar?
I am paired opposite Aarti Singh in the show. We will be seen as the couple on the screen for the first time. It’s fun shooting with her as she evokes the right emotion in me. She is a brilliant actor herself and it feels good when you are around like minded people.

The promo of the emphasis on the tagline “Maa Ne Jhoot Bola Tha”. What secret this mother has kept from the family?
Well to know that you have tune in to the show. Mothers are universally looked up to for their love and compassion and the thought that a mother might have lied, guarded a secret… will never cross anyone’s mind. But this show will highlight the cultural issue of a girl child and the power of a mother and the extent at which she goes to safeguard her child.

The show is based on a unique concept of a girl who is brought up as a boy. Do you think that the show will be able to relate with the audience?
Television is evolving day by day. Our audience is looking out for fresh content that is just not Saas Bahu but bring to the forefront untold stories from the heartland. The concept of Waaris depicts the reality of cultural issues related to the girl child that is still prevalent in the country and I am sure viewers will find a liking with the story, myriad characters and our attempt in bringing forth this evil.

More so even today in certain communities a son is preferred as it upholds the family values and ensures its continuity and lineage. The birth of a son in the family is considered imperative to exalt the image of the family and also a matter of honour to have produced a boy who is considered a natural heir to the land, estate and family looms.

You are a father to a daughter in real life?  Aren’t you hesitant of promoting an idea of sons are superior to daughters?
The show is depicting the real life scenario’s that are existing in our society. I am not hesitant in fact I am proud to be the part of the show that aims to explain the importance of daughters in the society.

Don’t you think so that the ideology of a girl turning into a boy will affect the psychology mind of a child artist who will be portraying the role in the show?
Like every actor, it’s just a character that the child artist has to play and there’s no question of her psychology being affected. She’s a girl and on sets she’s treated the same way.

What are the expectations from this show?
I am sure that show will do well. I am hoping that the viewers will love our efforts put into the show.

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