February 13, 2019

Bhakharwadi is a mix of emotions, drama, love and comedy: Akshita Mudgal

Please tell us something about your character- Gayatri Mahendra Thakkar
Gayatri is a very family-oriented girl and really values her tradition. She has an authority over her parents and can even get them to go quiet on certain matters. She is bossy but only with her parents and they fear her too for some matter. She also loves helping people in need

What, according to you, is the concept of Bhakharwadi?
Bhakharwadi is all about sweet and sour relationships between two families.

You are an ayurvedic nutritionist in the show. How health conscious are you in real life?

I am not very health conscious as I eat whatever I like, but carefully. So, you shouldn’t eat much of junk food and even if you sometimes do, it is really important to work out as well. I can’t really stop myself when I see food but to compensate that, I work out.

How challenging is it to work with such experienced actors of the industry?

More than challenging, it’s really fun working with them as they are very supportive, humble and extremely good natured. It’s natural to have a fear while working with such experienced actors but when they are this supportive, your fear eventually goes away. The most important benefit of working with such actors, according to me, is that you get to really learn something. So, it feels really proud to be working with them and in front of them.

What are your thoughts of marrying in real life?
No plans at all. I have a long way to go before that.

How has the experience been, so far, shooting on the sets of Bhakharwadi?
It has been amazing. It is really fun working for Bhakharwadi because there is the feeling of team unity. A team makes a show go ahead and people here are really hard working and work as a team. They are really humble with me and I feel like I am getting pampered here. The family that we are portraying on the show, is actually there off screen as well, with loads of fun.

What made you take up this role?
I found the character of Gayatri very relatable to my life, even when I was auditioning for the show. This made the role even more desirable and so I took it up!

What are your expectations from this show? What will the audience like?
I have extremely high expectations from Bhakharwadi as I am sure the audiences are going to enjoy themselves while watching this show. They are going to have a blast as this show has a mix of emotions, drama, love and comedy. After a long day’s work, people get home and want to watch something that relaxes their mind; Bhakharwadi is one such show that would put a huge smile on their face.

Are there any similarities between you in real life and your character on the show?
Yes, the character Gayatri and I are very similar. Gayatri is a very helpful girl, just like Akshita, who has a heart that melts very easily. Also, the way Gayatri takes stand for the right, I do the same at my home as well as on the set. Lastly, the bossy nature of Gayatri, towards her parents, is just the way I am in real life

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