February 12, 2019

Who delivered the Green Tea?

I had ordered green tea from Amazon on Saturday. And on Sunday I got the message that it has been handed directly to the customer, although I haven't received it. I checked with my roommate, neighbor and the security guard,  they were clueless about it.

Later, I called the Amazon Customer support team, they said it will take atleast 1 business day to check with the courier team. I called them again yesterday, they assured that they will get back to me on Tuesday. 

Yesterday, before going to the bed as usual I put my laddoo gopal to sleep. I innocently shared with him, "Krsna jo green tea order ki thi woh chori hoo gayi."

Surprisingly, today when I opened the door in the morning, I saw green tea, which I had ordered, along with today's newspaper in front of the door.

I don't think Amazon deliver anything before 7:00 am, if they do the delivery boy could have knocked the door instead of keeping it there.

I guess someone might have received it by mistake, and probably feeling embarrassed to admit it that's why she/he decided to return it secretly. Or maybe someone received it intentionally, and Krsna directly/indirectly told that person to return it. Or was it Krsna, who himself delivered it? I am still wondering..

-K Himaanshu Shuklaa..

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