March 20, 2019

Sharda to demand Agni-Pareeksha from Rama in Tenali Rama

Demonstrating Rama’s wit and intelligence, Tenali Rama comes up with another gripping story in its upcoming episodes. As the mess of Rama’s (Krishna Bharadwaj) second marriage gets solved, he is made to prove his sanctity to Sharda (Niya Sharma), along with few serious cases already in line to be solved.

Even after Sugandha Devi’s departure, Rama doesn’t seem to find himself at peace as his wife Sharda, now demands Agni Pareeksha from him. Already engulfed in some peculiar cases, Rama is in grave stress with another problem of proving his purity to her. Further to this, Sharda seems to have forbidden Rama from sleeping with her in the same room, evidently showcasing her lack of trust in him. With all this going on, Rama is bound to find a way of providing evidence in order to be accepted by Sharda.

How will Rama use his intelligence into proving his sanctity to his wife, Sharda? Krishna Bharadwaj, playing the role of Rama said, “Rama has a lot going at the same time with multiple cases and his relationship with his wife, Sharda. As he is in trouble, the viewers are guaranteed of continued entertainment since there is a lot in line for them in the upcoming episodes. It feels amazing to be a part of Tenali Rama and witness so much love that the audience is giving us, that also motivates to work hard.”  

Niya Sharma, playing the role of Sharda said, “Sharda felt extremely guilty as Rama taught her a lesson for selling her husband. However, to come back at him, she has put Rama in a complicated position as he needs to prove his purity after the entire drama of his second marriage. Audience is going to enjoy watching him try to prove the same while he is tangled in many other cases of the darbaar.”

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