March 02, 2019

When Harsh Rajput surprised everyone with his dancing skills..

Harsh Rajput was supposed to do tandav for the maha-episode of 'Nazar', since it was an impromptu decision that's why everyone thought he won't be able to do the justice. However the actor surprised everyone on the set with his dancing skills.

As per the upcoming track, "Mohana (Antara Biswas) wanted to kill Vansh, that's why she turned everyone into a tree. While Ansh (Harsh Rajput) was trying to save his son, Ruby (Sonyaa) killed Piya (Niyati Fatnani) with an axe. To save his wife, heartbroken Ansh prayed to the lord Shiva. During the confrontation, he challenged the God that he will continue doing Tandav till Piya get's a new lease of life."

Talking about his shooting experience for the sequence, Harsh said, "I feel Tandav is one of the most difficult form of dancing. Since I was doing it for the time, so it was a bit challenging for me. Nevertheless, the overall shooting experience was awesome. I hope viewers will enjoy my performance as much as I enjoyed while shooting."

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