March 17, 2019

Why Nazar actress Ritu Chaudhry wanted to lock herself in her room?

From a docile, caring, extremely positive and ever loving mother Ritu Chaudhry Seth's character Vedashree Rathod in Gul Khan's Nazar underwent a drastic change. In the upcoming episode, she will be seen covered with foam and chilling in a bathtub.

Vedashree is under the control of the negative forces because of which she started behaving absolutely opposite of her character. She is unaffected by the on-going stress in the house. Her husband Shekhar (Amit Kaushik) will get the shock of his life, when he saw her inside the bathtub.

When contacted the actress said, "Before Nazar, I had done only goody-goody roles, but portraying Vedashree's character has given me a lot of opportunities. I am doing all that I had not thought possible for me to do. The latest being a scene in a bathtub as my character has turned into a negative daayan for a few episodes."

She was initially reluctant to do, the bathtub sequence, but then she took it as a challenge. "When I was told about it, my initial reaction was to run back home and lock myself in my room," the actress said while laughing. She further added, "Since I love exploring the actor in me, I took it as an opportunity to show that this is something that I can do."

Vedashree had never done something like this before, wasn't it challenging? The actress replied, "Honestly, it was quite challenging, but my director and co-actors encouraged and boosted my morale so much that when I got into that tub being self conscious was the last thing on my mind. And the scene has been so beautifully and aesthetically shot that I just loved the entire experience."

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