April 03, 2019

Why Nazar actress Sonyaa changed her surname?

Actress Sonyaa Gupta feels the last name brings caste consciousness that's why she decided to drop it. As a tribute to her late grandfather, she recently started using his name as her surname.

"I feel surname gives away not just your caste, but also your standing in the social order. It sometimes gives the economic status as well. I find it absurd. Also, I don't believe in religions or castes or anything that discriminates humans. I strongly feel, a surname should not used as a benchmark to check whether someone is superior or not. That's why I decided to drop my surname," says Sonyaa, who is currently seen as dayaan Ruby in Gul Khan's supernatural drama 'Nazar'.

Since the last name is mandatory on social networking profiles, Sonyaa randomly entered Pink as her surname. This created a lot of confusion. "When I unconsciously added Pink, people really started thinking that's my last name, even the media started writing Sonyaa Pink everywhere. I wonder why Facebook doesn't allow anyone to just go by the first name?," Sonyaa asks.

She further added, "I never got to meet my grandparents and frankly, I don't know much about them. As a tribute to my grandfather, I started using his name as my last name. It makes me feel connected to my roots. Now I am Sonyaa Ayodhya."

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