October 30, 2019

'Hate Story' actress Ihana Dhillon to make her digital debut with Ullu App's Kasak

Bollywood actress Ihana Dhillon has been roped in to play a rape victim in Ullu App's upcoming web-series 'Kasak'. We heard, "'Kasak' is the story about a girl, who was violently attacked and raped because of which she was in a semi-comatose for the rest of her life."

October 25, 2019

Dhanteras 2019

Happy Birthday Dhanwantari ji🌼

क्यों मनाई जाती है धनतेरस?

चपन में जब भी कभी कही धनतेरस का ज़िक्र सुना तो लगा ये कही न कही त्यौहार धन वैभव से संबंधित है ।

उम्र के शायद २८ धनतेरस देखने के बाद पता चला ये त्यौहार मूलतः दो करानो से मनाया जाता है, और आश्चर्य की बात ये है के दोनों में धन प्राप्ति का कोई उल्लेख नहीं है।

October 24, 2019

BARC TV Ratings- Week 42, 2019

Top 10 Hindi Urban GEC Channel
  1. Sony Entertainment Television 473631
  2. SONY SAB 435315
  3. STAR Plus 430064
  4. Colors 350477
  5. Zee TV 342086
  6. Dangal 253429
  7. STAR Bharat 190837
  8. &TV 100451
  9. Big Magic 99869
  10. STAR Utsav 93410 

October 17, 2019

BARC TV Ratings- Week 41, 2019

Top 10 Hindi GEC Channel
  1. Dangal : 1030043
  2. STAR Plus : 636896
  3. Zee TV : 630909
  4. Sony Entertainment Television : 624019
  5. SONY SAB : 581660
  6. Colors : 522099
  7. Big Magic : 458765
  8. STAR Bharat : 317854
  9. Sony Pal : 148241
  10. STAR Utsav : 140722

October 01, 2019

#Neo4j Part 7:Interview Questions & Answers (Return, Order By, Limit, Skip, With, Unwind clause)

Explain Return clause of Neo4j.
We can return  nodes, relationships, and properties in Neo4j by using Return clause.

Returning Nodes:
Create (node:label {properties}) RETURN node 

#Neo4j Part 6:Interview Questions & Answers (Match, Optional Match, Where and Count clause)

Explain Match clause of Neo4j.
Get All Nodes Using Match: With Match clause we can retrieve all nodes in the Neo4j database. Query to return all the nodes in Neo4j database.

Getting All Nodes Under a Specific Label: We can get all the nodes under a specific label.
MATCH (node:label) RETURN node 

Match by Relationship: We can retrieve nodes based on relationship using the MATCH clause.
MATCH (node:label)<- i="" n="" nbsp="" relationship="" return="">

Delete All Nodes: We can delete all the nodes using the MATCH clause.
MATCH (n) detach delete n 

#Neo4j Part 5:Interview Questions & Answers (Delete, Remove and ForEach clause)

Explain Delete clause of Neo4j.
In Neo4j we can delete nodes and relationships from a database by using the DELETE clause.

Delete a single node
MATCH (n:Person { name: 'UNKNOWN' })  

#Neo4j Part 4:Interview Questions & Answers (Set Clause)

What does the SET clause is used for in Neo4j?
Neo4j CQL use SET clause for the following purpose
  • Update or Add properties values
  • Add new properties to existing Relationship or Node

#Neo4j Part 3:Interview Questions & Answers (Merge)

What is the purpose of merge command in Neo4j?
Its a combination of CREATE command and MATCH command. It searches for a given pattern in the graph. If it exists, then it returns the results else it creates a new node/relationship and returns the results.

#Neo4j Part 2: Interview Questions & Answers (Create Node and Relationships)

How can we create node in Neo4j?
Creating a Single node: We can create a single node by executing below query. Semicolon is optional.

CREATE (node_name); 

#Neo4j Part 1: Interview Questions & Answers

What is Neo4j?
Neo4j is an open source NOSQL graph database, implemented in Java. It saves data structured in graphs rather than in tables.

What is the difference between Neo4j graph database and MySQL?
  • Neo4j consists of vertices and edges. Each vertex or node represent a key value or attribute. In relational databases, attributes are appended in plain table format
  • It is possible to store dynamic content like images, videos, audio in Neo4j, where as relational databases, such as MySQL, it’s difficult to store them.
  • Neo4j has the capability for deep search into the database without affecting the performance along with efficient timing. Relational Database takes longer time for database search and also inconvenient compared to neo4j
  • We can relate any two objects in neo4j by the mean of making relationship between any two nodes. Relational Database lacks relationship and difficult to use them for connected graphs and data.
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